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Just checking in

Just thought I would just check in with everyone.

Been havin a good few weeks and feeling "not bad ". Had a short holiday in Wales having a few walks. Thought it would improve my fitness. Well it has made the feeling in my left leg improve but sadly the feeling is pain in my knee. But still at least I can feel something.

Then decided on a overnight in Scarborough with grandkids. Well it persisted in raining on the Saturday but luckily Sunday saw us at Robin Hoods Bay rockpooling at building sandcastles. Oh to be grown up, and one I will ...honest.

Then theres fathers day . My daughters got me cards n pressies. A soft Teddy , chocolates and aftershave....dont know what that actually says what they think of me ? Infact I dont really want to know I think.

Well thats all for know . Not earth shattering I know but hey its nice to post everyday things now and then. Thanks for reading bye for now.

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it all sounds lovely and glad you had nice time


Lovely to hear about your holiday - keep on enjoying yourself ! X


Teddy and chocolates, whats not to love? Glad you had some family time, things we do dont have to be earth shatteringly exciting to be special, in fact, I think most of us prefer simple quiet pleasures now. Glad you had fun :)

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I agree with abi. Family stuff is so precious these days when everyone is so busy going their separate ways with work, school etc.

And those gifts are just your daughters interpretation of love. I still get teddy bears from my son and usually think................'What ??' But they sit up on my bedroom shelf as symbols of his great affection. :-/

And it's so good to hear such positive stories Paxo ; glad you enjoyed it. xxx



I do agree Cat that family time is valuable. As for the teddy, I did ask why they bought it and was told it was because it was like me.

I stood there beaming thinking they could be right....stronge fierce and protective........oohhh how I was wrong. No its because I am apparently soft and not as scarey as I look. Dont you love kids.

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That's perfect Paxo. Hope there are many such days to come. :D xx


Sounds like you enjoyed your break away and fathers day. Its nice to hear some upbeat news for a change.Teddies are lovely-My friend has a 35 yr old one that's falling apart and as I'm not well and not working at the moment shes given me the project of knitting 'Rupert' an outfit to keep him together lol!-just finished his trousers!

Treasure your ted he was a lovely thought!



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