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Constant Headaches

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Does anyone else experience constant headaches since having a brain bleed and subsequent surgery? I had a CT scan recently to check gir any further issues but all is OK, so no reason given for suffering headaches every single say, usually all day.

11 Replies
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I have had head pain since 2013. Please feel free to go to my page and read. If I can answer any questions for you I would be happy to help. Please feel free to direct message me if you want. I wish you all the best.

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Hi ftt, I had my sub arachnoid haemorrhage in 2017 and since then my headaches have been on practically constant basis. I get little relief, I take eight paracetamols as well as tipimarate for the pain, it is manageable most of the time, when I am tired or just get up as now it is at it’s worse until meds kick in. I have tried quite a few different analgesic meds but they don’t all agree with me and make me very sick so I’m stuck with paracetamols. Where was your bleed and what surgery did you have, I have an aneurysm on the basilar tip, I have had several surgeries with coils and stents, before and after ruptures, if you read my entries it will explain a lot more it’s quite extensive love Alice xx

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ftt1960 in reply to Alibongo60

My injury was to the front right of my head. I had a minicraniotomy then two wash out and debridements because the wound wasn’t healing due to MRSA. Just had my BP checked today, rather high despite being on beta blockers. Now waiting for the GP calling me back to find out what’s next.

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Hi, I had a bleed and fracture due to fall but no surgery, I had constant headaches from day 1.When I moved my head, when I bent over, etc etc, just constant. For 4 months gp prescribed paracetamol, then I saw a consultant who prescribed Amitriptylin, she said it could take 10 days before I felt any improvement, she also said it would be 2 years before I felt any change due to injury. After 18 months I decided "I don't need these, my headaches are much better".

The headaches returned with a vengance, so back on them and the headaches were managable. Nearly 4 years on and I am still taking them but I know I have to. Hope you get yours sorted asap.

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ftt1960 in reply to haverfordwest

I was on Amitryptilene years ago when first diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I struggled to get up in the mornings and had to take the tablet about 8pm

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haverfordwest in reply to ftt1960

The consultant told me general advise is to take at bedtime, but for me to take it early evening so as not to affect the next morning, after lots of trials I now take it between 5.30 and 6pm. It seems early but works for me. Would it be worth asking your gp about trying it again?

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ftt1960 in reply to haverfordwest

Well had my BP checked yesterday only to find it was high. GP called to discuss next steps. Having Bisopralol dose increased and doing a 24 hour monitoring. To reduce salt in my diet and increase oily fish plus fruit and veg. Been diabetic for 40 years, so well used to following a healthy diet.

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ftt1960 in reply to haverfordwest

Going to wait to see if reducing BP helps first. When I was in it before I was still working and couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings. I was asleep an hour after taking it at night, so 6pm would be no use for ne.

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cat3 in reply to ftt1960

I couldn't agree more with haverfordwest on Amitriptyline. I used it for around 15 years for depression & headaches and learned that taking it after my evening meal (7 to 8pm) prevented the morning grogginess.

My GP raised the dosage to 75ml after my mum died but I weaned back down to 25 owing to weight gain (common side effect of high dose).

I hope you'll find pain relief soon ftt to improve your quality of life.... Cat x

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Hi I had an emergency Craniotomy in 2019 after rta leaving me with a fractured skull and a beed on the brain since then I've had constant migraine headache! I've just been told stop all pain killers as I was taking anywhere between 8 & 12 paracetamol a day plus other meds and this can also make headaches worse apparently so I'm now on 12 weeks with no pain relief for headaches so we will see how it goes 🙄 new meds to try but not sure what they are yet but hey a headache is a small price to pay for survival 🙂

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I agree that a headache is a small price to pay for being alive. After three brain surgeries then a severe allergic reaction that sent my body into shock I am still here. I have high blood pressure despite being on medication to reduce it plus having the dose increased. I am now looking at alternatives to statins to reduce cholesterol, as I’m certain that will be the GP’s next move.

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