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I'm doing a bit better now and my memory is even improving a bit. The only problem is that I have near constant debilitating headaches. They are generally at the top, front and sides of my head and do not seem to react to OTC painkillers (Ibuprofen, Paracetemol, Aspirin)

Will these go away or get less? In terms of my googling I found that propranolol can be good for headaches. Does anyone have any experience of getting treatment or medicine for these type of headaches. I'm struggling to get through the day at the moment.


James X

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  • Who are you seeing James in terms of doctors etc? It feels like you are or have falling though the gaps.

    Have you had any rehab or assessment for your Brain Injury last post you said about 5 months back? So clearly it is quite early days.

  • I have constant headaches too and I went to see a headache specialist and they found I had secondary intercranial hypertension.....I’m getting treatment now and I’m more functional

  • I know that Propranolol is a Beta-blocker and should only be used after review of one's medical history.

    Maybe you need to ask your GP for a referral to a neurology clinic for assessment re. your memory issues, and advice on more effective meds for the headaches.

    I must say though, I still suffer with cluster headaches and am only allowed Codeine and/or Paracetamol for the pain. But if you're in constant pain, a neuro-practitioner might be able to prescribe something more effective. I'm allergic to Ibuprofen but, if you can tolerate it, it's a stronger and fast acting painkiller.

    I think my permanent headache (after a haemorrhage) lasted around 6 weeks then tailed off gradually after I actually stopped all pain relief. I still use Codeine for headaches, but keep doses to a minimum. It's well documented that regular use of pankillers can actually aggravate nerves, muscles & blood vessels.

    But the brain itself has no pain receptors and only registers and reacts to pain elsewhere. The pain of Meningitis (as I discovered some years ago) is off the scale, but comes from the meninges which is a protective covering, and not the brain itself.

    Get some neuro help James. A referral might take a fair while in the present NHS crisis, but knowing you're 'on the list' for help might relieve some of your anxiety............I hope so.

    And keep talking to us..................talking is an underestimated therapy ! 😏 Cat x

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