Twenty-one years, twenty-one long years.

Headaches are as common place in my life as,


Loss of memory,




Disdain for Ant & Dec,

Loss of balance,

Etc, etc.

But now (well, last week) a health professional has finally taken me seriously. My doctor duly expressed his concerns to my hospital consultant. He’s not literally mine, you understand, I don’t own him, I just call upon the service as and when I need it. He’s like a Chinese restaurant to be honest. I never really think about it until I suddenly have a distinct yearning, a need, if you will. Only, I’m not hungry ten minutes after I’ve finished seeing a consultant. I don’t douse him in soy sauce either. Well, not since the restraining order anyway.

I digress.

The hospital read the doctor’s concerns, my own worries expressed through the medium of an over worked and slightly bored GP. A letter winged it’s back to said doctor, I say ‘winged,’ I mean arrived with all the urgency of a snail in a coma.

The upshot of the short game of chain letters is that I am now taking a very low dose of Amitriptyline. One tablet at night. A nerve inhibitor used, in my case, to suppress the headaches before they even begin. Wonderful. However…

I’m 15 hours into the regime and my nerves are certainly being inhibited, sadly though, so is everything else. I’m walking through a fog, each footstep is a chore, even clarity of thought is a struggle. Still, on the bright side, Amitriptyline is used to treat a number of mental illnesses including depression and anxiety disorders, amongst others. So, I’m not really functioning at the top of my game, I’m craving sleep and I can’t see straight; but at least I don’t feel that bad about it. So that’s good.

Amitriptyline? I’m-a certainly tripping.

Ooh, look, a squirell.

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  • Hi Andy, my neurologist at the rehab centre, 4 years ago now who'd have thought it?, said they had medication they could give me but he'd rather I tried to cope without. The medication was said Amitryptyline, and to date I have coped without.

    I just wish I'd been pointed in the direction of acupuncture before now, my quality of life would have been so much better over those 4 years. I still take the paracetamol daily but only 2 and I'm hopeful I can reduce that to only occasional. But, I was almost at the point of saying I think I need that Amitryptiline.

    I hope it's helpful for you, I'm sure once your body is used to it the benefits will really kick in.

    I wish you well as always.

    Janet xxx

  • Stick with it Andy. It takes about 3 weeks to settle in the system.

    All I can say iis that I was prescribed it for neurogenic headaches and it has been a godsend.

    Love n hugs


  • At the moment, I'm not sure I can last that long...

  • I'm also a member of the 'resist medications where possible' club, and was offered amitriptyline a while ago. I said I'd try without it for a bit and joined have Janet in the 2/3 paracetamol a day camp. The neurologist I saw recently offered a different drug. Something beginning with P (answers on a post card :) ) but until I see my G.P. To discuss , am rumbling along with the paracetamol. Good luck Baron - let us know how it goes. x

  • Propranolol? I've just been offered this .. Paralysed by indecision atm. I hate meds and the thought of being made foggier or dizzier. Pass the paracetamol ...

  • I suppose I should say that after 9 months of no meds at all and battling through any number of cluster migraine type headaches I was and am sooooooooo very happy to have something that works. Touch wood.

    Since I've been taking it I haven't had one of the heads where I lose a full week completely and another one in recovering from it.

    I hate medication but if anyone tried to take this from me I would fight them to the death. It makes my life manageable.

    Love n hugs


  • I hate taking meds of any kind but I was suffering with agony pains in my head and around my neck and was almost suicidal if I'm honest as I haven't felt pain like it before! I had no idea what was happening to me and was at the point of going to hospital and not leaving until I got help! I was prescribed Amitryptyline around six weeks ago and it has been a godsend for me as I couldn't have kept going the way I was. I can now sleep without pain, I'm much more able, the pains have gone but yes the odd day I do feel a bit washed out! Good luck Andy, hope it settles down for you. xx

  • Just popping in again and see your news about new meds.

    I had my monthly appointment last week with my neurologist for my prescription for Levetiracetam and mentioned how I'm getting weird feelings still in my legs, arms and neck ,it seems to be more since I came off Keppra and went onto the generic which is so much cheaper.

    He knows how I don't like taking meds unless I really have too, so he asked me,yes asked me if I wanted to try Xanax so this time I have given in just to see as I'm in a job which can get highly stressful,working in an airport.

    Going back to amitriptyline last year it was one of the dr's I saw at my ENT outpatient appointment who mentioned maybe I should try this and mention it to my neurologist.

    At that time it was just within weeks of me starting

  • Oops pressed the wrong button to soon!!!!

    Keppra I really didn't want any more meds so in the meantime we are still playing around with dosages and I'm off for another EEG to see if these anti seizure meds have made a difference compared to my first one before starting meds which is now nearly a year and half ago....

    But reading other replies amitriplyline is something I'm going to mention again(notice it has "trip" in the name....hahahaha) so keep posting how you are getting on or not with it...


  • Baron sir, I tried amitryptiline but found it knocked my vison and balance off so much I couldn't function. I also could not wake up in the morning, my body was up and about but my brain might as well have a sign on it stating it was away on its holidays!

    I was given nortyrptiline to try as it has less side effects but I still couldn't balance or function although I only took it fri/sat night and was too scared of being unable to drive to work that I stopped it although the GP insisted that adjusting the time I took it in the evening would help and it needed time to used to it.

    I said no thanks and now I make do with solpadol and pregablin with regular accupuncture.

    It's not all about the persons symptoms but their ability to function that should determine the 'best fit' in medication

    What ever your decision I hope you get some relief soon x

  • I was persiribed that for a few weeks to keep the pain in check, and help me sleep, when distcharged, my wife says they worked very well one at night and I slept. i'm told that they helped keep the pain both physical and neurogical in check.

    I remeber almost nothing of that first few weeks. so I'm relying on my wifes memory.

  • Hi baron,

    Just laughed out loud at reading your post. Thank you for that. Especially the bit about dousing him in soy source. Never really suffered from head aches well not for long any way a little after my accident but that was from lack of sleep I think. Pleased you need a solution well for the next few hours. Have a good evening. Nick

  • Great to read so many helpful replies :) I think preglabin might be what I've been offered. Anyone else have experience of this? x

  • R u still tripping😂. I am on Amitrypline 3 tablets at night, funny thing is I cannot quite remember why, but I do remember feeling foggy and slow the first couple of weeks, but it did settle, and might help you sleep better, and as it is a painkiller help your bounce.

    I guess it is like to having your first cigarette/alcohol, the body this wow, but we carry on, well some do.

    Hope you feel some relief/clarity soon. Xx

  • Thanks 'Sem' :) I'll give it a week or so to calm down and take it from there.

    And yes, always :)

  • I don't recall seeing squirrels but I did see a lot of non existent creepy crawlies and other rodents whilst I was on it. That and the treacle brain, the legs that were so relaxed they felt like I had cement filled boots on, and the fact that despite my GPs breezy assurances and an ever shrinking dosage (ended up on 5mg morning and night) it was still no better meant that after 9 weeks I gave up. Have had it pushed in my direction loads of time since but just smile and decline.

    Some people swear by it though....

    I have just got my latest script for betablockers for my head - but have decided not to take them until after the op...it is two weeks today!

  • I was prescribed this over 40 years ago for depression. While I was taking them I could fall asleep standing up, but I did feel a lot better once we got the dosage right. Funny how drug usage changes over the years.

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