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Declined Blue Badge - update 3yrs been Awarded


I challenged the declined blue badge and despite all the medical evidence to appeal, its been declined again.

I have not access the community for a month now, due to humiliation with husband shouting at me. Hes yet to pass any cognitive baseline assessments.

They state he may improve within 3years so cant give, weve yet to reach 6months.

I feel so isolated, coming up to 6months, i havent requested any support, still no OT, I only asked for 12mths to support rehabilitation, so I could build on regaining his social skills, i have completely been left to dry since he came home.

I give up, Im exhausted, just so frustrated.

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Have you tried contacting your M.P.? They are often able to (after reviewing your evidence), intervene and have an impact where bureaucracy is hindering appropriate decisions. If you have medical evidence supporting your request you should persist. It can be hugely frustrating and exhausting but will be worth it if it makes life ease in the long term x

The last time I contacted MP was when my husband was on his 6th week home he spent a week attacking postman and obsconding, begging to help with nhs support. Nhs came out on 10th week.

I am so sorry to hear that. You could give the Scope helpline a call on 0808 800 3333, they are very good with this sort of thing.

Also, the advice about contacting your MP is good. I had terrible problems with my local council when I was trying to get funding to attend my local Headway group and the only thing that helped was speaking to my MP. He said it's amazing how they respond when they get a letter on House of Commons headed note paper - and he was right.

Good luck. 🙂🌸

My local headway didnt /hasnt responded to my emails literally when i was on my knees followed asking support from local MP

The national Headway helpline is on 0808 800 2244, but I would say also try Scope and your local MP. Best of luck.

headwayukAdministrator in reply to New_beginning

Hi New_beginning, I'm really sorry to read this - please do contact our helpline as suggested as we're here to help you. That's as well as the other excellent ideas posted on this thread. Best wishes, Andrew.

I feel so let down by my local headway, last spoke to critical care nurse 24th March day my husband transferred to Ward at southmead indepth discussion about what to prepare with around PTA and details given to contact headway frim ICU. Then when i joined this site forwarded from headway member it was because my husband obsconded we had search party and i couldnt talk, left like that. I then sent emails to my local headway May and June begging for any support, never had reply. I just feel totally alone. Using research, this forum on what I can do or give more insight.

But Scope helped when i did PIP and replied.

I just feel im in bizarre, left to dry situation. But I will prepare to call headway again this week. I have no choice, i dont know what to do.

headwayukAdministrator in reply to New_beginning

I'm so sorry, I can see how hugely disappointing that would be when you need help.

I know many of our services have been quite severely affected by the pandemic. While some have been able to continue offering high levels of service throughout, others have been much more heavily impacted. I wonder if that's the case with your local group.

Our national helpline is there for you if you if you can give them a try, they're open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday on 0808 800 2244, and you can get in touch by email on as well if you'd prefer.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can help.

Best wishes,


I have telephoned this morning.

I can only echo what Elenor and Marnie suggest ; contact your local MP. My daughter-in-law's MP got amazing results when she was being denied essential surgery. It's true what Marnie says about Commons headed stationery causing bureaucratic agents to sit up and reconsider.

There's a misconception of MPs being inaccessible, but mine came out personally to award a tree on neighbouring allotments a protection order!

By presenting the facts of your circumstances together with documentation of your husband's issues I'd expect you, at the very least, to get a supportive letter. You'll find phone & email contact details online.

I hope you'll find help soon m'love. Cat x

New_beginning in reply to cat3

Ive appointed a solicitor.

Morning, sorry to hear this. Who is the Blue Badge for? Yourself or your husband?

Are you allowed to say on this site which council you come under?

If not you need to find out your council and look up the chief executive's name and the director of adult social care's name. Even your local councillor. Either you write to them all or better still - as you are so stressed out - get the Citizens Advice Bureau to write to them all. Or if you have a pensioners group, or a disability organisation funded by the council in your area, ring them and ask them to help you take on the council. Also your Doctor can write in support BUT the rules are clear - google it - the badge is for the person with disability. Also you say you have not got out - and I'm so sorry but I don't fully know your situation - can you not join a group? Or is there a problem with leaving your husband unattended? Sorry I don't know and I don't know how to give you more help. But there will be agencies, like Headway, like the CAB who should be able to help you. Good luck. It shouldn't be like this. Wishing you all the very, very, very, best. x

Mine is due for renewal shortly & I've lost my passporting lifetime DLA award (didn't feel able to claim PIP and felt that it was a disabling benefit rather that the enabling benefit that DLA was) since my last was BB was issued so I'm going to have an interesting time claiming under hidden disability rules. I had a PIP form ready to go but couldn't face posting it. I'm well versed with the mobility components and descriptors so I'm prepared to fight my corner despite having no ongoing evidence due to a long term, stable, non-improving serious head injury and its residual injuries.

If your husband is claiming PIP, then as long as he scores 12 on mobility then there shouldn't be any barrier to the blue badge. I would assume that he should qualify for PIP. Without this then you will need support from your OT, physio, and your consultant.

He has 12 points on mobility,

Did you 'Apeal' through a Court/ Abitration Service? If Not it could, very well, be worth your while. I know 'things' are Difficult at the moment- Heck Don't I!, but it do try.

Present ALL your Evidence, Doctors letters, Diagnoisis, Prognosis and 'Lay It On', as Thick as possible.

I had My Benifits Stopped, back in 2017, and had to do the same. (Not an indentical situation, to yourself, but....)

Have you Spoken to an OT (Occupational Therapist)? If not try to do so.

Good Luck, from us all


They have all medical records even 31st Julys SALT report. I applied late June early july when he had to have every 90mins rests before the fatigue symptoms got too much and i stated weve managed 25mins walk now but no consistency but 20mins he can do (this be one walk best time suited). They used that in letter stating hes improving, and hes good. He knows route round block now (same as 17yrs prior injury) but anywhere else no collection gets confused. I feel comfortable local as i use any opportunity to go for little walk.

We have yet to be allocated to OT. Ive been doing tasks from brain injury psychologist, but past month I just cant bare going anywhere apart from round the block. Today I left him in car for 2mins, he was approaching beeping cars (my fault, i parked on double yellows, causing blockage) was late on school run. Just typical monday, i need to improve on time management to prevent again.

I will have to contact an agency, we ran out of time with solicitor today as making sure all our affairs in order.

Im beyond exhausted now, my low mood causing me to feel nausea past few weeks, everything getting on top, panicking about returning to work just to add.

We have been awarded Blue Badge for 3yrs.

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