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So I have gone through an assesment, which by the way is shaped for people with leg/arm problems despite the fact the website says it is for everyone with mobility issues. It has not been a nice experience at all. The assesors I have met would barely speak any english and they were not understanding what I was saying.

All in all I got a rejection letter. But this is not as bad as what the reason was - "no balance issue was observed". Oh, this made me sooooo angry! Something I have struggled with for more than 2 years and what has been diagnosed by neurogist was not observed by two women who have never even heard of brain hemorhage.

I did respond to that letter and now I regret how emotional that letter was. I told them I felt the assesment was like judging the fish by its ability to climb. But this is how it was. I understand they rejected me, but not for this reason! I want them now to acknowledge my struggle with balance. I dont care about the blue badge anymore, but I wont let this go so easily. I felt like a joke reading the letter.

This was so hurtful, it made me cry. How can you observe balance issue? How can they see how much effort I am putting into walking straight? Would this be justified if I fell and hurt myself? This was really stupid, the whole assesment, the questions, and sorry to say, I am also immigrant, but when the person you talking to barely understands your english there is something seriously wrong with it. Or is it just me?

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  • Get in touch with your MP. This is not right and you need to take it to a higher authority.

    Good luck, don't let them get away with this.

  • I understand your anger Iona, I struggle too with my balance but I would not have put myself through the blue badge process.

    I can use public transport and if it's a too windy day I don't go out. It would be great for us to have a badge so I wouldn't have as far to walk when out with my husband but he is there to help me then any way.

    I have even the process from my sister who needs a new hip, now one is essential for her as she has no partner to help and she got one, and also my granddaughter has one because she has to use a walker to get around and loud noises cause her to collapse if not holding on to something.

    So many people do abuse the system that they are extra vigilant, I am not saying that you don't need one. It is a system that you can try again if you truly feel it would be beneficial.

    Janet x

  • Morning ,

    Doubt that it's just you - and have heard the assessments can be tough on anyone. I was advised not to bother applying even as they wouldn't consider it "bad enough" ( at the time) . It was worth a go ....

    Hope the letter writing was cathartic if nothing else - maybe your MP could help ( though they are all busy drumming up election stuff right now ) ?

    Can't remember - but do you have a bus pass already ?


  • Hi. I dont have a bus pass, because I dont really go out on my own. My only transport is a car with my husband. What is MP? I responded their letter and I asked them to book an appointment with senior assesor who could actually listen to me and respond. I am ok with being rejected, I am not ok by being rejected because balance issue was not "observed"...

  • MP= member of Parliament .... meant to look after local people's interests / queries ...

    I used mine once years ago to complain about bursary rejection for midwifery course ... and won !!

  • WOW. I can speak to member of parliment?! I would have so much to say... how do you actually find who to contact?

  • Google mp for Warrington ??

  • yup, most you can visit, though they will be mostly campaigning at moment!

    I totally understand the hurt, my balance is impaired in that it's damaged, though it's mostly compensated, I have got round to getting one of these.

    Since i do find busy Buses and Trains frankly terrifying and have to work very hard not to fall, luckily I have a huge reach + strong so if I can't get a seat, I hold on for dear life!

  • Iwona, David Mowat is the (Conservative) MP for Warrington South, and Helen Jones is a Labour MP for Warrington North. If you call Warrington town hall on 01925 443322 they can provide you with contact numbers and details of MP's surgery times.

    And I can vouch for the fact that your English is excellent ! Good luck. xx

  • Thanks Cat. This is definitely new to me to know I can bring my case to a member of parliment. I hope I will be able to resolve this without bothering higher authorities. I feel I will go with labour if I have to. For obvious reasons :))))

  • I think you need to find out who is your constituency MP depending where you live.

  • Hi Iwona

    I believe you can appeal. I can understand your frustration, balance issues are difficult to assess I imagine unless they followed you for a couple of days on video camera!

    Are you receiving PIP? If you are and I am not sure if it is the standard or enhanced rate , a person receives blue badge automically. I have a blue badge, but struggled the first couple of years as I did not think I would be eligible. Often our conditions vary each day, and they must take this into account. Sometimes I can drive and go to shop, other times I cannot drive. MP or appeal is the way forward. Did they ask for any medical evidence ?

    I had to appeal for my dad before he passed away, diagnosed with leukaemia and COPD. Incredible!

  • iwona to stand any chance of a blue badge you need to be getting top wack mobility allowance, which under under governments new guidelines, is virtually impossible to get.

    also to get one, yo need to be walking the 50metres in absolute agony!!!


  • Top rate mobility award is needed for automatic entitlement and eligibility for Motability scheme but blue badges are also awarded by local authority assessment and for that assessment they first do a paper assessment taking into account information provided on the application along with any supporting medical reports following that they may require an in-person assessment and the assessor should be a suitably qualified person (local authority occupational therapist assessor is common for this).

    If the application is denied (and a huge percentage are on first try) an appeal is the next step and many are accepted on appeal.

    Iwona if you appeal please request that the assessor has some experience of people with BI and if possible take someone with you to the assessment. You are entitled to have someone there. I would also ask them to provide in advance of the appeal a copy of their criteria and to confirm the reasons for the refusal and how that decision was reached. I would also ask for confirmation of the qualifications of the assessor - to be sure they are able to make that judgement about your condition and how it affects you.

    It is awful to be struggling and for them to dismiss you this way. Good Luck!

  • iforget a copy of reasons why she was turned down would have been sent when iwona was refused her blue badge.

    ive just returned my pip form ( im not due a face to face until next year), i can get 4 points but i cant get the other 8, because under the new government guidelines anxiety doesnt count towards pip points, if it did...happy days.

  • Steve, the reason was simply that "no balance issues were observed" and this is what I got angry about. Im awaiting their response.

  • iwona im glad you brought up the point of assessors who speak little or no english.

    in 2004 when poland became a member of the eu, i met a young man called derek who couldnt speak any english, i taught him to speak and understand basic english in 6 months and to always carry a dictionary with him in case he heard something he couldnt understand.

    my type of brain injury, people often think im rude, but i dont have any filters and what comes out of my mouth thats it, as soon as ive said it ive forgotten ive said it.........except in the written word where ive got to think about what im going to say, way i dont swear either.


  • iwona i was just looking at the assessment for the blue badge, do you walk with a stick or a frame?

    the ot or the physiotherapist may ask you about things you can do at home, ask you to demonstrate.

    the biggest part of the blue badge assessment, is being observed as you walk around the hospital, this usually takes about an hour.

  • I know Steve, I have gone through the assesment. I walk with walking sticks but they said "no balance issue was observed". I wonder how this is observed...

  • iwona google how will i be assessed for a blue badge and see if you did any of those things.

  • I did appeal and I am waiting for them to answer, I hope they are obliged to provide me an answer. Will see and let you know!

  • Good Luck with this.

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