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Recently one of my doctors told me to apply for a blue badge. I did so and I received a letter confirming mobility assesment. Has any of you had such an assesment? I dont know do I actually need the badge, sometimes (on a bad day) it is not easy for me to walk and impossible to park closer to medical centres entrances. But I am not sure I feel comfortable with proofing that I actually struggle. What do you guys think? Has anyone gone through that? Does this mean I will be considered disable?

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I am afraid that once again you will have to prove you are disabled and have to admit you are not able to do something.

It is crazy that you are told on one hand there is no discrimination on ability but " oh can you just prove how bad you are" even with write records from various consultants we still need you to perform for us. Then go away whilst we decide on your fate.

Whilst you wait you can ponder on how much you cannot do instead of concentrating on what you can do.

Sorry for the little rant but basically yes you have to prove why you need a blue badge.



Hello Iwona, Jules here.

I was trying to recall what happened with mine - long time ago.

I remember they were really nice with me, but i did have to show them how i walk over a short distance. I was more embarrassed that someone was watching me.

I am sorry Iwona, i dont know if a Blue Bade classes you as disabled - I know i worry about ever loosing the Blue Bade entitlement as it would limit some things i like to do still.

Its not something i would like to HAVE to write on an application form - just in case it is thought of unkindly.

But Iwona, if the people there say you should have one, then grasp it - it can only make your life a little nicer.

Hows everything else with you now ? I just sat down about to try and do a little more work.

Weather here in Newcastle upon Tyne is very sunny, but very windy and my mum has just shouted through that snow is on its way .... wish i lived somewhere hot sometimes.

Kindest regards




Hi, I wasn't allowed one of those - but got a temporary bus pass ( hardly used as I wasn't well enough to go out on my own anyway and got lifts with friends otherwise). Not sure of the assessment sorry - but may be worth having if you can get it !



Why you were not allowed one?


Long time ago now....and of course I was very poorly then so don't remember much....but think it was basically because I could walk ok. ...


I have better and worse days but I always use my Nordic walking sticks. I wonder how they will see the effort I have to put in order to keep balance. Honestly I don't know should I go through that experience...


Worth an appointment? If you don't try you definitely won't get a badge ☺


Hi I have oesteoarthritis in one knee severely and moderate in my other knee and hip and ankle now my pip assessment was awful but my bluebadge was differant I went without pain killer on the day so I was already in agony so had my stick I can't walk very fast she asked loads of question like medication I showed her my list and letter from consultants etc she said I was borderline took them a week to turn me down they said if it got worse to apply again, I was a bit fuming so I wrote a letter asking them how bad it has to be because I was at rock bottom my only option was to increase sin meds making me out of breathe etc not be able to drive whatever I said it worked I was shocked when I got a letter three days later "approving my new blue badge" it gives me so much freedom and I didn't have to mention once about my bi or memory problems I still can not do malls but hay I will leave that for another lifetime

Top tip lots of letter even support letter from GOP

Medication list and SIDE EFFECTS especially ones that effect mobility

Let them see you on you worst day I took my stick I had too

Remember it's about your mobility getting a-b distance and speed and your in ability to get about independently

Oh and days I don't need bb space witch isn't very often as I can't take pain meds when driving I park else where but do need to open door fully to get out

It was strange first time I used it I was going to a friend and had to stop and pick up milk normally I would never do this, for me nipping in the shop is a no go my brain doesn't allow it and my knees protest when trying to escape so know my car is outside the door is enough to calm the brain

Sorry for the long post

So good luck



Hey, thank you for your reply. What does the badge really gives you? For me it was mostly the places closer to entrances, sometimes we had to park outside the parking lot, some streets aways and by the time I got to the place I was nearly crying. I also would like to start driving again, but turning my head and looking for a spot to park is to much of a hussle for me. So these are my reasons, they are not as important as yours, so not sure should I even try...


it depends whats wrong with you.i suppose I got one an I don't even drive,so think mine went on my Dla;componnents,high mobility automatically gets you the blue badge.Thats because of phsoratic,oesteo,an fibromyalgia,oh an bleeds to brain do come into it but alone I think you only get middle ,but the badge itself is for disabled parking,not to show you as disabled,hence why they ask for those on pip;middle mobility,if your on high you get it plus free tax not that I ever used it like,its mad,im epileptic,so couldn't even learn to drive,So think money scarce the ones on high pip mobility get it without proof,because I did but no car lol;an the ones on middle don't but can be useful to;think there saving money as I never use it as I Cannot, drive Nor can I ever,,


Have a look through this site, it breaks-down the questions you will be asked benefitsandwork.co.uk . Also keep a diary of your day.


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