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Hi folks,

I finally got the results of my PIP today and they say that they can award me £57 a week for daily living but they cannot award me any money for mobility.

What a joke. My mobility is the thing I struggle with the most!

So with DLA, I was being payed arouns £450 a month and now I will be payed around £200 a month.

What heartless, money-grabbing bastards.

Time to get my Headway on the case :). I aint living this one down.

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They never make sense Matt,they are a bunch of arseholes,and a tribunal judge doesn't even have power to tell DWP to do anything! It's all done so people don't bother,then they save money,sod people's lives!

I was never on DLA,but like ESA going over to Universal Credit,it's all done to save money!

I my case i didn't even turn up to PIP tribunal cos worried i'd end up shouting at any DWP person,calling them c@nts,etc(they didn't even turn up!)!

Also tho,don't put too much into Headway helping-they just told me to put all the things i can do,which to DWP would say i can run a marathon(even as a kid i couldn't!). Is why i've always filled in forms myself in one go,and tell DWP i'll keep disputing wrong info if it kills me,and paperwork left with people i trust will tell anyone that listens that!

The state my paperwork looks,they can never argue it-plus no NHS drugs messing with what intelligence i have left. I've dealt with DWP in many ways since 1990,and i don't trust any of them,especially if with jobcentre(bigger bunch of arseholes!).


I got daily living(basic),and mobility,but conveniently the one that doesn't get bus pass(tho was right!).

Without insulting u,i'd say u should have got mobility,is so many in area that have mobility cos of just taking drugs,is unreal.

I hope it gets corrected-cos people who try and get on especially,should be helped.

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The DWP, ATOS, Government.... whoever really deals with these benefits at the end of the day, it doesn't matter cos they are all in the same bed. I don't exactly know and I don't exactly care either, they do not make an ounce of sense at all and my thoughts, they don't give an absolute sh!t either. It's all about them wanting more and more money (material) and us getting scraps.

Now with Headway's support, my Headway that is. I know that they can help. I have already heard some stories of how some people had help with their benefits and got good results too.

At my Headway (Headway Portsmouth & South East Hampshire), there is a lady who is hot on benefits and can offer excellent support and even helps you appeal.

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Yep they all the same-cos hired by DWP(govt). Think stuff is put in computer wrongly,then changed again with DWP. Reading some things have made me laugh-especially old term of PCS,they wrote Post Trauma Brail System,even tho i wrote 'Brain' as they included a copy of my forms! Heard ways people don't want to acknowledge brain injury,but it takes the piss! Even tho NHS has records of first TBI,GP said i had frontal injury,when parietal! U have to laugh sometimes! LOL

Hope they sort it out-cos is unjust!

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Do headway come to appeal n can they speak for you x

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I think they do come to the appeal/tribunal eileen.

I wouldn't think they would leave you to do it on your own.


OMG you have problems about your group. My group the paid working tell me and my sister false hope. I'm complaining in HeadwayUK following the rules how to complain. HeadwayUK tell me that I'm right when I think I'm the problem. The first complaint my group send me a letter full of lies without talking with me about my complaint. More lies, more complain. I shout one time with the paid working staff. Now they complain about me. Funny I tell the true, don't like two faces people. My group is full of them. 😠😠


Jeez Cj, I didn’t realise problems at your Headway were as bad as them lying to you, that is pretty scary.

An organisation that is supposed to support and care for their service users should not be lying to them.

I do think that my Headway make up stories when regarding money because my Headway is so much more money-oriented now but lying to you and a loved one is pretty low.


Not just me thinks they are more money orientated now then! LOL


Not at all Homer, I think a few others at my Headway might agree with me.

I think the main reason why it is money-oriented is probably because the government cut funding a lot of charities since 2008/09.

At the time I was also a member of another charity which has sadly folded now because the cuts in funding made it difficult for this group to get by.

There is that and there is the fact that one of the guys at this group was indeed a total A-hole which did not help things.

So when I first started out at my Headway, I would have to pay £1 for subs at the meetings I would go to. Since 2008 the money steadily would go up and now I and other service users pay £4 for a bleeding' drink and biscuit!

I know you and other people could think "Why are you still there?", trust me, I have thought this too. The main thing that keeps me there is the friends I have made over the years. If I had no friends there then I would leave.

Also, to add to the money-orienting, rules have become more strict in order to save money.


Wow!!!! My family who runs chairty, offer they help. Not now!!!! My family are professional not the group. 😠

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No,don't think why are u there. It just wasn't for me. When i had to pay £350 for 35 wks in advance,i couldn't afford it!

I know about a group who folded cos of funding stopping-Portsmouth Mind,also Interaction nearly did but took over by BH Live,also heard about Cornelius Centre.

On the MH front i heard of all the places people said used to be going like Ace Of Clubs,where was open all day and was hundreds at a time.

Solent Mind now are run by Southampton headquarters so like most funding that is by Pompey council,it is non existent! Waiting for the funding from Vernon Jackson if cuts were all Donna Jones(govt tells council to save money,they do what they get well paid for,whoever is in charge of council!)!

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My Headway is located at the Mountbatten centre in Portsmouth.

I only go to their Portsmouth meetings once a month, stay and have my lunch and then go onto another charity from there.

I know of BH live or as I like to call them B Hive :).

Anything to do with money ruins everything.

I have tried explaining to some folk about money before.

When I read about the elderly may have to pay a 50p charge on top of their FREE bus pass I was thinking that I bet this little sham will move onto disabled people next and I said that it was all to do with the government making more money.

In response I got the old, “Oh it’s not because the government want to make more money”.

He continued to explain what it was but I wasn’t listening.

It is about money.

Instead of listening to papers and what the tv says, open your own mind and observe the situation.


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Yep,i normally called paranoid every time i say to people things are done just for money!

Used to say DWP send me letters at weekend to piss me off,as why always sent on a thursday! When happens again and again to others,they see my point!

U are right-they will start charging concessionary passes with disabilities. I can't get one cos only got PIP on other question! Another reason DLA changed to PIP,to stop bus passes. Some of it is right-but alot of MH are just choosing to take drugs,that's not MH,that's a lifestyle choice(well if my Type 2 Diabetes is,so is drugs!).

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Pardon me for sounding dumb but what is MH?

And because PIP is now in force, that means we may lose the disabled bus pass too?

My mum was wondering about my bus pass, will I now lose it?

I didn't really know because I had to go to the social services and that was how I got a yellow card which registers me as disabled and with that card I was able to get a free bus pass.


Mental Health,i just lazy! Like CMHT is mh team! LOL

Yes knew some people that have lost bus passes due to changing to PIP,with one lady i knew it was the start of her ending her life last yr!

Yeah my fiance has yellow card some yrs back,is how she got her bus pass. She's scared she'll lose hers when she goes over to PIP,and has a medical,cos her care where she lives dissapears more every yr, without DLA & ESA changing names to cut amounts!

Think they stopping yellow cards now in different areas,definately on the psychological things anyway.

As the list was 'LD' and physical-i'd never get it,if still going!

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Ah, got it now. MH is Mental Health :).

I had to ask, I only just found out what LOL meant haha.

Kidding, I have known for years. I just get confused with all these acronyms.

I can’t believe what these rich pricks in power do to other people.

And all for the sake of money too.

Money is worthless really, it is just material but it is the greatest invention that enslaves us.

People need to wake up to this effed up system we are in and they need to wake up soon.

Well no surprise there about stopping yellow cards.

I use the yellow card when I go to the cinema with my folks, I can get a parent in for free :).

But obviously the government want to stop that to get more money.

I can’t wait for karma to catch up with the corrupt government :).



This might not be helpful as it will only apply to some people- but in case it applies to you,

If you were previously a car driver but can’t drive now because of your injury/illness - you may be able to apply for a bus pass - even if you don’t receive benefits of any kind? I’m not sure so check with the exact regulations in your area with your local authority Concessionary Fares department.....in some parts of the country I think they award bus passes to people who are classed as ‘Medically unfit to drive’ if their GP writes a letter to confirm this. Hope this helps x


Hi Matt, much to my surprise I get the basic mobility on PIP (subject to reassessment in 2023).

I wrote about problems with directions now, needing to use Google Maps on new routes I haven’t travelled often, taking public transport and some examples of me getting on wrong trains/busses and my difficulty finding where I’ve parked my car if I park it somewhere different. Even in big car parks it can take me almost an hour!

I’d recommend asking someone who knows you and your difficulties to write a supporting letter describing examples of your problems getting around too.

Good lick


Hi Mads,

Nay worries. I am going to appeal and I have full support of my Headway behind me too.

I have got a supporting letter from my Headway as well to baxk me up.

I know I will be fine because a few people at my Headway have been in a similar situation and now get their benefits as they should.

I just think the whole thing is a complete waste of time and adds further stress on people too.

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Oh no what a flipping joke that’s me being polite🤬

I’ve got this on 19th for my husband third time now but this time his occupational therapist coming. Yes person dealing with claim has no input it’s down to dwp?? Why are they more qualified than a nurse, doctor, health professionals now?? Scandalous but changes being made unfortunately will be couple of years before put in place that GP will have say in it all. Not before time, should be done now in my opinion.

Don’t give up get appeal in for it.

Makes me sooooo angry 😤

Good luck and keep us posted x


Not sure GP's are any better,or not in my case-they'd be too 'busy'(counting the money from drug reps!) to do anything!

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It makes me angry as well Tia. You have an organisation (or whatever you wanna call it) such as the DWP who dish out money to people who need the money to help them get by.

Then after so long they decided to change the system around and lots and lots of people have been cut from their benefits meaning they might resort to suicide or even homelessness. It is disgusting and at the end of the day it is all about them making money and the people who need it not getting any at all.

My mum filled in my forms as I have ataxia as well and find it difficult to write, plus she would be better to word the answers given too. Another reason would be is that my parents observe me and know my difficulties too.

She wrote about my balance and the struggles I have with it. When I had my f2f the assessor didn't even test my balance in any ways. He just saw that I had a stick and that was it!

He basically asked me questions, probably wrote down a load of sh!t on his shiny, new laptop that couldn't correct spelling errors correctly and then he was on his merry way.

Basically, the assessment was rushed. He wanted to get through the day, get home, put his feet up and wallow in piles of cash that should have been given out to many disabled people.


I was shouting at a DWP person on phone saying 'do u want me to kill myself with all this crap'! All they said was 'if ur saying that well have to inform the police' i said they won't get here quick enough,i won't fail! If i'd been in another frame of mind like end of last yr when i luckily didn't find anything sharp(only time i got that far in 30yrs!),i wouldn't be writing this now!

Didn't give a damn at all!


You were ranting and raving on the phone and the DWP said “If you talk like that they’ll have to phone the police”.

What are they, babies or something?

The police won’t do jack as the government have cut a lot of their funding.

So when the likes of the DWP (who are in bed with the government) cut away funding disabled people, obviously people are going to get mad. So the DWP should expect hostility.

The whole thing makes no real sense at all at the end of the day.

They just want money and will do anything to get it too.


I must admit i save rage for DWP cos they mostly talk to me as if i'm stupid!

Maybe i even find it therapeutic! LOL


Can’t understand why they can assess you and you get mobility component. when you quite clearly deserve to be awarded it then take it off you that’s just crazy. DWP at their best don’t think they know what they are doing shouldn’t be up to them to decide if you entitled to it!

I’ve seen it with my husband been there for his assessments and when I get the decision through and read report I wonder who the hell they where actually listening to when I read the answers to the questions he had been asked. First time asked him to spell world backwards he couldn’t do it but it said he could, also taking 7 away from 100 couldn’t do it but said he could. List endless. Might put my phone on to record without them knowing this time.


Record the next assessment without them knowing, good idea. They lie through their teeth and don’t tell you the whole caboodle so you should do the same. It shouldn’t be one thing for one and different for them and so on.

I do not understand how they have been supporting people with benefits for years and now take them away either. It is cruel and like you say it’s not really up to them to decide if you need benefits or not, if you are fit for work or not.

The government, DWP, ATOS and all other agencies are all a bunch of psycho’s.


I advise that-but i recorded first ESA assessment,they said memory card i sent them was blank,it wasn't,i still have it now 4 yrs later,aswell as the file backed up in various places!

One time someone at PIP said 'u cant talk to me like that',i said looks like i just did,and if u didn't treat me like an idiot,i wouldn't! Also i said if u had ur money suspended for a year,u still not giving me what a judge said,what do u expect! Got it within a week-u have to be persistent! LOL


After the item on last night's news about Stephen Smith's ESA being denied and his having to sign on for 18 months, it's obvious that the so called welfare state is firmly in the hands of Nazis. I really fear for anyone with incapacities in this country.


Hope you'll get the support you need Matt leading to a successful appeal. xx


Happened to me when i first claimed ESA,they gave me assessment rate(didn't know in 2014 what was going on there!),told me to sign on JSA(hated jobcentre,had focal seizures cos made to wait over an hr after appt booked-imagined destroying place with a bowling ball as used to be a bowling alley,they treated me as lazy then,i believed it til 2014!)!

Then i couldn't get ESA cos can't have 2 claims at once,signed off JSA,months later got backdated alot of months,support group & dis premium parts. Claimed ESA ever since-but another time was given zero and was suspended til tribunal(8 months later!),was crying in tribunal,had support,judge was mad they made me fight it,no DWP attended(was ready to shout place down then-cos ESA paid rent to father,no PIP then!).

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PIP assessors will keep on making there own answers up in reports until someone holds them accountable. DWP must see which assessors report 0 points/no to getting the allowance, and see the case go to appeal/tribunal at huge expense and then get PIP awarded.

As long as assessors are getting away with it they will carry on doing it again and again.


Hi matt, sorry to hear your getting half of dla, i dont want to go on uc but i still have 5 months of full ssp so im pooping myself as i havent been on benefits in 10 years and even then i was geting done over but i will have to see how it unfolds and deal with the cards i get dealt with

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Oh bless you. They are horrible. You are lucky that you have good headway ( my is good to lying). Good luck Matt. The government is the opposite from Robin Hood 😕😠


Thanks Cj and yes they are the opposite of Robin Hood. Steal from the poor and give to the rich.... Not exactly saying I am poor but the way they keep going, I could end up poor :).

My Headway are good for supporting people, I will agree there and they have done me very good in the past.

I am pretty sure I will be ok regarding my benefits but I do think my Headway has room for improvement when compared to other disabled charities I am a member of.

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Thank you to talk with me. X

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No problem :).

Your Headway needs to stop lying.

In the past, my Headway has got to low points but it all depends on management and who is running a Headway branch at the time. We have had good managers with great morale and some managers that have been complete shite :).

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Was there shite managers before present one at urs then Matt?


Yes, there was Homer. Well, one in particular anyhow.

Since I joined my Headway in 2007 I have experienced 4 managers including the current manager.

The first manager was a nice lady. She was a bit quiet but nice enough.

The second manager was lovely. He reminded me of a playful puppy as he was great with the other service users. The problem was he wasn't manager for long though.

The third manager was terrible, she didn't talk to the other service users at all and was most of the time shut away in her office.

Our current manager is much better :).


Second one sounded good!

Is Deborah still the current one?

I liked one of the workers who retired year or so ago,worked well with all the people in Mountbatten,think was Julie.


Second manager was good. His name was Alf and he was very good with the other service users too. Reason he went was because the rest of the staff thought he was not proactive enough. He did more chatting than working. I thought that was a bit unfair really.

Yep, Deborah is still there. She is good and she is nice toward me and other service users but at times she can seem a bit odd.

Julie does ring a bell. Did she have dark hair?

She miht not have, I’m not sure. So many have come and gone over the years.


May not have been Julie,but same person was on TV in The News about her son being murdered abroad,was a campaign! Had blond hair i think. Think heard she worked more north in Hants.

I couldn't get on with manager-think she tainted me as the same as people with MH. She said they all just dwell on stuff! Well in my case if i didn't have reasons why all thru childhood and teens had problems,but was dealt with an ineffective same money NHS who kept passing me back and forth to medicated CMHT,found out extent of the TBI i don't remember(thanx DWP for wanting so much paperwork,otherwise TBI's would be still 'secret'!),and now makes sense. Not dwelling,makes more sense to me,didn't with her approach of getting me back to work at all costs!


My is crap. I can't sleep because of the lie. I've got the proof but they don't want the proof. 😢😠


I’m sorry to hear this Cj. Nobody should have to be going through lies.


That's disgusting Matt!

A guy i'm working with get's PIP, i can't say how much but must be good caus been out last Dec and bought brand new £40.000 motor??

He works full time and he has two kids that live with his ex wife,

Reason for him getting PIP he's diabetic type 2 and lost three toes ???...

He can walk and has no limp etc!!

He lost his Mother early last year and she left him £120,000 , his uncle died in November left him plot of land which he's sold and made massive amount on ( he didn't tell us the amount but clearly was a lot)

When i questioned him on how he can get PIP he told me it's means tested so any income hes gained isn't an issue and he won't effect his PIP ??

I know he's on pretty good whack .....he reclaimed PIP three weeks ago and i'm certain he hasn't told them of his new wealth....He's needed to see the Specialist as he was all of a SUDDEN struggling to maintain his diabetes and pain in foot ???

Yeah funny isn't it when he 's being reassessed ....some might say he had an agenda eh???

The whole PIP is unfair and going to many who are milking the system when true folks who deserve the help are getting hardly a thing....

I couldn't get PIP caus didn't tick enough boxes ....i have terrible problems holding down jobs with migraines and memory loss issues , but would only get £74 a week to live on off on benefits, that's just not enough to cover the bills so have to still work......the assessment was so not designed to fit us who have brain injuries....and i won't beg these scumbags.....


Before i agree with u on people conning the system-as alot claim MH and are just just drug addicts(well if sugar is a lifestyle choice,so are drugs!).

But,noone gets PIP cos of Type 2 Diabetes,is probably cos of Hyperglycaemia,which u can have,even without Diabetes.

And as for working-people can work,is not like ESA where people can do permitted work.

E.g. some on here work.

But he sounds well off-i'd grass the bastard up!

And no,they definayely don't support brain injury-i wanted someone to do medical who had brain injury experience,there isn't full stop.


Yeah but i don't have enough factual details that they would need like his personnel I.D date of birth, address etc .. you see so many parasites getting benefits they shouldn't

be getting and even when benefit people find out they often go on to still get the benefits?? it's so massive problem unless your a relative i don't think they bother to check what i would be telling them....??? when people like us with life changing bi struggle on ...


Give me his details i'll do it! LOL

Ur right i grassed neighbour up above me who conned council out of HB money,and worked cash and hand,yet every time i worked part time on HB i was treated like crap as lazy,with piles of forms to fill in!


That's what i was trying to say mate...if i don't have his details i can't give you the details to report him?

....im not bothered about reporting him if thought would do something but they would need clear info not hearsay....even though he was at work doing his renewal claim (think it's every 3yrs they submit another form saying still same ), he's very comfortable ... still whines he's hard up its a joke!! he told me openly about getting PIP and being means tested but i'm not sure they don't take it into account if come into the sort wealth he has?


Yeah did see u didn't know some details,is my attention with reading. If u had his name and area he lives,they'd know. IF they'd be bothered!

Oh if he whines aswell,i'd find that unbearable!


yep i do....he's blessed but to stupid to realize ... :(


I am a simple kind of person and I like things to be simple and with all this money going into the wrong hands, companies dodging their taxes and so on, there is something very sinister going on and a lot of people don’t seem to see it.

I think the government, agencies and coorporations are theiving money-grabbers really and just earlier today I was saying how we could do without a government.

I was told that you have got to have a government.

But why?

Why do youhave to have a government?

Why must we be lead?

We are human beings, nobody should lead us except ourselves.

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There has always been some sort of people in charge between religion or a parliament-but beginning to think religion is a better idea! But like with no govt,we'd probably have stonings like with islamic rule!


According to the PIP they made their decision using information about my health condition or disability including any details of any treatment, medication, test results and symptoms.

"You said you can manage your therapy or monitoring a health condition or dressing and undressing. I agree with you, you can manage these activities" .

(And I agree with them that they sound like a right twat.)

Who the eff do they think they are? seriously.

"You said you have difficulties taking nutrition."

(Did I? I don't think I did).

"Difficulties communicating verbally."

(I agree there).

"Difficulties engaging with other people face to face."

(I also agree there).

"Difficulties making budgeting decisions."

(Yes, that is true).

"You demonstrated adequate concentration and memory."

(Well observed, I did didn't I but you are forgetting one major aspect there, I have a brain injury so it is not the same each day. I am not an effing robot for christ's sake).

"You have normal range of movements and power in your upper limbs."

(Again, it's not the same each day. Go do your homework on brain injuries).

"You have normal power in your fist grip and normal pinch grip in both hands."

(Which can fluctuate).

"You have full power in your right leg and slightly reduced power in your left leg."

(Slightly reduced power!.... right, whatever you say).

"You do not take any medications."


"You said you eat 3 meals daily with normal cutlery"


"You were observed to be of average build with normal complexion."

(very clever).

"You said you could remove food if you choke independently."

(I don't remember saying that).

"You were able to hear, understand and respond to all questions with your speech normal in all aspects."

(Yes, I could hear the assessor OK and answered OK as well but then again the assessor was ex military so obviously he had a loud voice. Now if the assessment was in say.... a pub with a rowdy audience then you might come up with a different answer).

"You coped well with the interview engaging well with the assessor with adequate rapport and eye contact."

(Oh woop-de-doo).

"You did not require to be prompted throughout the consultation."

(Prompted for what?)

"You told us you have your own bank account."


"You told us you can pay your bills."

(Well I think they have shot themselves in the foot there cos I don't pay the bills, my parents do).

"You said you recognise money and understand change."


"I decided you can manage these activities unaided."

(What gives you the right to make decisions about MY disability).

"You said you have difficulties preparing food."


"Washing and bathing"


"And managing toilet needs or incontinence."

(not gong there).

"You demonstrated adequate concentration and memory."

(You obviously caught me on a good day).

"You have normal range of movements and power in your upper limbs."

(You already mentioned that load of boswllox).

"You have normal power in your fist grip and pinch grip in both hands."

(Now you are repeating yourself).

"You have full power in your right leg and slightly reduced power in your left leg."

(More repetitive shite).

I decided you need an aid to prepare or cook a simple meal for one person, wash and bathe and manage your toilet needs or incontinence."

(You decided!... and what gives you the right?)

"You said you have difficulties reading and understanding signs, symbols and words."

(I can do).

"You told us you required learning support at school and your Mother helps with letters." (That is true).

"I decided you needed prompting to read and understand complex information."

(I need some help reading and understanding complex information such as YOUR DWP letters but I won't say I need to be prompted).

"You said you have difficulty planning and following journeys."

(I can do)

"You told us you go out on your own a couple of times a week on the bus."

(That is true)

"You demonstrated adequate concentration and memory."

(Like I said before, you caught me on a good day).

"Your manner was normal and not anxious, agitated or tense."

(So... Were they expecting me to be anxious, agitated or tense? I suppose if I did the assessment again and I acted anxious, agitated or tense then maybe I would get awarded higher).

"There is no evidence of overwhelming psychological stress."

(Is there supposed to be any? All disabilities are different and affects us differently. 2 people could be suffering from the exact same brain injury but both people could react differently).

"I decided you can plan and follow the route of a journey."

(As I said before, what the eff gives you the right to go and say that?

You can't exactly say "I want you to have a holiday on your own in New York" and expect me to go and do that. These people are brainless and heartless retards. I know our brains have been injured but we have got a lot more brainpower than these schmucks).

"You said you have difficulty moving around."

(This is true and as UK has CCTV cameras up everywhere you should already know what a challenge it is for me to walk around).

"At the consultation you told us it takes you a couple of minutes to get to the bus stop."

(This is because the bus stop is literally a few minutes away from my house, not far away at all. Now if we went back 10 years ago when the bus route did not run through my estate then I would have to walk 10 minutes to get a bus. For an able bodied person it would probably be a 5 minute walk).

"You said you can walk on the high street and would need to rest on one or two occasions."

(The Gosport high street is pretty flat and it is quite a wide area as well. I am more comfortable walking on flat/wide areas. If the high street was a bumpy, narrow path that was pretty busy with other people then I would not like it at all and I would most probably avoid going there. The DWP take none of this into account).

"The high street is 300 to 500 metres."

(So obviously they do, do some sort of homework then. The homework that basically tries to rat you out. See I told you, they have CCTV cameras all over the place. They can detail the length of the high street but act like they know nothing about my walking balance).

"You were observed to walk slowly using a walking stick and you looked unsteady."

(Now hold on one second. The assessor saw me walk out of the downstairs toilet and to a seat in the living room. This was only a few paces. So when you say "You observed me walking" then no... I disagree with that. You did not observe me walking at all. In fact they didn't do much at all to test my mobility. This is most probably why I never got awarded for mobility).

"You have full power in your right leg and slightly reduced power in your left leg."

(How many more times must they repeat themselves).

"I decided you can stand and then move more than 50 meters but no more than 200 meters."

(You were just saying that the Gosport high street is 300-500 meters. If you decided that I can't move more than 200 meters then that means I cannot walk the full length of the high street.

Unless you mean that I cannot walk 200 meters without having a break after 50 meters.

In that case then, if I needed to stop after 50 meters then I would need to stop 8-10 times just to walk the high street and the high street doesn't have lots of seating. It does have benches there but not loads of them. They are making it sound like there would need to be at least one bench outside of a shop which there is not.

They really do talk out their arse).

"This is consistent with your medical history, your description of a typical day, informal observations at your face to face consultation, the information available at your consultation, your mental state and musculoskeletal examination results."

(My medical history actually says, which my GP backed up, that I am unfit from getting a job.)

"The information available at the consultation."

(Which the assessor didn't bother to properly look at.)

"I have considered what your needs are on the majority of days."

(I'm sure you have but you have not considered them very wisely at all).

"I cannot consider awarding you PIP for any help you need for anything not covered by the daily living or mobility activities. I awarded you PIP for a set time as your needs may change."

(And they won't change.

I am almost 23 years post brain injury now and my condition/needs have not changed at all, they have probably got worse over the years. From 1996 when it all first began I used to walk around unaided and I was pretty quick on my feet. It has only been over the past 3-5 years where I started using a walking stick as my left leg has progressively got weaker and weaker and find it can be tough to walk because muscles in my left leg involuntary stiffen up when I walk AKA Spasticity)."

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It all sounds similar to how they twist answers,have no brain injury experience at all. Mine tried to do a dementia test questioin on me,yet not said i have dementia-they done this so i fail their Dementia test question(if i fail nothing wrong with brain!)-i failed it by forgetting one answer out of three. Think cos i said i don't have dementia they'll say i passed it 100%!

You know cos u don't take meds it's used against u-as i have the same,particular accessing treatment.

I got points on a question that should be zero,but they failed me on one that should have got points-i thought should i mention,but thought if i fight that aswell i'll get zero as in medical. Will fight the question in 2020 when it all starts all over again.


Looking at how they scoredme, they fluffed it up.

I mostly got 0s and 2s on daily living which is not correct at all and on mobility there were only 2 questions which I scored 0s on or it was some low score.

But like you were saying, because I struggle most on mobility they will leave those questions out so I get a low score and therefore won’t get awarded.

But it’s stupid though cos when I was on DLA, they had to pay you the money by law.

Now it’s PIP, who are basically the same people, they have just tightened the bolts (so to speak) and now they cannot pay me regarding my mobility.

In other words, they have broken the law but under a different name.

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They only change benefit names and rules to cut,they know it and know we know it-but arrogant Tories and their workers just don't care. They want us to just work however hard it is,pay tax even til after we are buried(even if makes us in a paupers grave!). We are just here to pay their wages-cos all these cuts isn't paying anything off but their wages(which should be cut!)!

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Tories are greedy, disgusting scum. I hope they all rot.

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Most people are greedy, disgusting scum out for themselves and would sell their own Grandma for a fiver......

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mandatory reconsideration abd ask you headway to refer to the brilliant info provided by citizans advise bureau on how to answer the many questions in the PIP assessment paperwork ..sorry I diont have the link on me but its on their website ,headway may have a copy printed off ?

you can also find a copy of the score sheet on the internet for detailed info on how many points are given for each response ,

if you have difficulty finding both please ring headway uk main switch board for the web links to both ,they are extrenmely helpful in completing you questionnaire.

I believe that a local branch called Headway Rotherham has the link to these on their webside under links ,

hope this helps

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