A PIP result

I had my PIP interview 2 weeks ago, and I got my result through today.

I'm on standard rate for mobility and enhanced rate for living, a step up from the old DLA.

What changed it, I don't know. It was cancelled twice in Carlisle, so I had a home visit. If anyone want to know more, just ask.

Not all over as yet, the ESA is due at the end of the month.

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  • brilliant news. Am pleased for you. Hopefully you will be equally successful with the ESA. I found the PIP forms better for explaining bi than the DLA ones.

  • Carrie from A Chance For Life helped me. She is helping with the ESA as well.

    Also other info from benefitsandwork.co.uk, it cost about £20, but seems to be quite good.

  • Yes I found the Benifits and Work guides very helpful too. 

  • Well done that's awesome! Xx

  • Lovely to read some good news :) well done

  • brilliant 

    my wife got the same 

  • Hi MartinWindcheetah, I live in fear of these forms due to being useless at answering the questions. I'm due a reassessment for ESA and the DLA to PIP change-over is an ever lurking menace.

    I've tried to fill out a sample PIP form but my answers seem vague at best.

    Do you have a method to filling in these forms ?

    Glad you got a good result.

  • No, not really, I didn't expect to get such a result, as I felt that mine were a little vague, as well. I think it might have a lot to do with who you does the interview with you. If you have a particular question, I can tell you what I put down.

    I would say good luck, but that 'of course' has nothing to do with it!!

  • blacksailtrader    theres a specimen assessment form on here, will give you an idea on how to answer the questions to get the required number of points

  • steve55 hi, after a search I've failed to locate the specimen form you mention.

    Is it a Benefits & Work form ? If so I already have it. thanks.

  • hi MartinWindcheetah i have my pip assessment at home in 2 weeks i was just wondering you say your now getting standard rate for mobility and enhanced rate for living, may i ask what were you getting on dla as im getting low care and low mobility on dla and don't know what i will get on pip if anything (hope i get something or we will be homeless in a few months as my dla pays my rent).

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