Having heard so many negative things about applying for PIP was expecting to be closed down with nothing as it has taken them 8 months to arrange an appointment. What a pleasant surprise to find a letter from them today awarding my Ian £55.00 a week I really did not expect to get anything so i have to say this is a positive. Its not a huge sum but every little helps as he is not able to work yet and they are paying back pay which is quite a lot of money. Just wanted to say that for once something positive came out of it.

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  • Thats brilliant news, some good news can just feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel x

  • This is great news am very pleased for you and Ian.

  • thats is a good start! you know you can claim E.S.A (employment support allownace) as well

  • Great news HJ ! I hope this goes some way to making life a little easier for you & Ian.

    Best wishes, Cat x

  • That's good news hey

  • Weyyyy so pleased to hear your good news! Xx

  • Ooooo congratulations! I've got an interview for PIP next Friday; any tips??

  • All I can say is be fairly honest. I did withold Ians drugs before we went as this tends to make him a bit slower and more emotional. Thought that he had answered everything ok and we would get nothing so i was really surpised to get the letter. Like a lot of you say on here if the person is not known then sometimes it is hard to pinpoint any damage. Ian seems to be fairly good cognitively and reasonable memory but he is very different emotionally. Also before the accident he was very quiet but since I cannot shut him up he gets verbal diorreah and explains his life history when asked a simple question. Or he gets a fit of the giggles and laughs like a hyena or he can just as easily burst into tears, very unstable emotionally. Also has no structure to his life, we are trying to put that bit back together with his neurologist by writing lists but its a long slow process with any TBI, so we consider ourselves lucky that he has done as well as he has.

    Good luck with your assessment, it also depends on the assessor, we had an older man nad he seemed to understand we are stuck in a bad situation because Ian has lost his HGV licence so he has no job to go back to but he does want to return to some sort of paid employment and we told the guy that was how it is.

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