Top of the PIPs

Someone pinch me - just been awarded enhanced daily living ! ( Do they mean me ? ! ) Didn't score enough on mobility, hey ho. I actually expected only low rate mobility - strange how things go ! This is slightly more than I was getting for my cleaning job - mad ! Not complaining, though ! Right, job no 1, get my leaky, reluctant to switch off tap replaced with an easy lever tap : )

Massive relief, certainly takes the pressure off !

Angela with a huge smiley face : ) x

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  • So pleased for you, angelite!

  • That's great news. Am very pleased for you Angela.

  • Great news.

    It will certainly take some of the pressure off.

    Onwards and upwards

    Love n hugs


  • thats brilliant news, excellent - x

  • Fabulous Angela no less than you deserve. 😀

    Janet x


  • That's great news👍

  • Fantastic news, Angela- there is hope that the system isn't completely skewed beyond all reasonable hope. I'm really pleased that you managed to jump the hoops, and be awarded what you deserve. Well done you.

  • Thanks Gaia. I actually found the PIP process way easier than ESA - the immense paperwork and gathering of evidence of everyones's incomes was a nightmare for that, only to find out that my son's contribution was being counted as my 'income' so put us over the qualifying limit anyway. Pip was just a simple form in comparison -fill in applicable info ( easy, I just worked from head to toe with symptoms ) and turn up at the assessment to verify answers and do ( or fail ! ) required tests. I had a very knowledgeable and sympathetic assessor, which I think helped enormously. x

  • Congrats - full time job now is to focus on your healing and feeling better x Hope you celebrate with...... a lovely homemade healthy meal followed by a lovely homemade pudding x Here's to lots more good news from you in futurex

  • Fab news Angela! Congrats. Odd how things pan out in the end....


  • Thanks Mal, yes, very strange ! I really did think I would struggle to qualify for daily living but might scrape by on low mobility. I'm just too mobile for too far with a stick ! ( high tolerance ! We all know that you can get used to a certain level of pain/fatigue when it is long term, caring not a jot about payback also contributes ! ) I do rely heavily on the stick to substitute balance and muscle fatigue - I think of it as the 'Equalizer' : ))

    For some reason I am less bothered my cognitive deficits, always feeling that my movement was the main issue, yet the cognitive clearly played a substantial part in the point scoring. So it is great news in one way but amplifies my issues in another. I still feel very independent and capable though- guess I've got used to this new level and naturally adapted : )

    Is your recovery still going to plan so far ? Angela x

  • Recovery from the annie procedure all going swimmingly although I won't know until I have my scans whether it actually is working... feels like my lengthy remission from ME may soon be up though as suffering with fatigue and vertigo today not seen for several months. Shame if it comes back midsummer - still it can't be helped and it has been great to be so mobile for so long.

  • Great news Angela. Kx

  • I hav the high rate daily living componant and did no get enough points for mobility. I was told that just because people get about with the use of aides dose not mean the will get it, it is more for people with dipression ect.

  • Hi EVC,

    I was asked 'If you absolutely had to, how would you plan and follow a route to an unfamiliar place ?' After some thought I said I suppose I could look it up on the computer and perhaps draw a map but added that I do not go on journeys to unfamiliar places alone. It would get complicated both physically and cognitively if buses, trains etc were involved ! ( bad navigation skills and balance ) I always send my partner ahead when getting on/off a bus so have him to bump into instead of a stranger if I lurch ! It was interpreted as a yes, I could - the thought of planning and safely achieving such a thing is daunting ! I'm not complaining though - just glad to have something to live off ! : ) x

  • I was asked the same think I hav to get a taxi everywhere as I can not walk far and eye sight damage. They said that me knowing I hav to do this as planing even though I told them that I would not b able to cross a road on my own because of eye damage. I rang toast how come I did not get mobility and that was when I was people with depression ect tend to get mobility. Even though I hav had depression for many years I chose not to appeal as I was grateful like you that I was awarded some money and when you think about it I only thought I would get mobility and I ended up getting more .

  • Oh yes ! Great result Angela. I'm really happy for you ( can almost FEEL your relief and joy! )

    I'm sure this will greatly improve your quality of life.....................and about time !! xxx

  • Fabulous! Great stuff, I'm really pleased for you!

  • Great news! I am sooo pleased you won on the first round and rightly too!xx

  • Fantastic news :) really pleased for you x

  • Hi Angela, sounds like it was unexpected. Good on you. As you say, it does take the pressure off and will improve your daily quality of life. xx

  • That's great news it's def not an easy process as I know, with the ordeal my husband is going through to get it. Well done 😄

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