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PIP and ESA: sorted for now.

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Hi folks,

On my birthday I got one of those dreaded brown envelopes from the Devil Wears Prada but this time, what was inside was not so bad.

It was the response to my reconsideration letter and they have changed it for the better :).

Although I don't completely agree with their decision, still, I am getting payed almost as much as I did with DLA and I am eligible for a free bus pass and blue badge once again so I am happy about that.

The day after that I got another envelope from the DWP and this was referring to my ESA.

Sometime after christmas or maybe in January I had an appointment for an assessment about my ESA. Once I got to the building I was told that "doctors" were lagging and I assumed this may have been a few minutes.

A few minuted turned into tens of minutes and even longer. We must have been waiting 1:30-2 hrs until we were told that we weren't going to be seen by a quack.

We were very annoyed but talked about having another appointment which they would send me in the post.

Months had passed and I had heard nothing from them until the day after my birthday.

This was nothing to do with having another appointment but telling me that they will be paying me X amount into my account each week.

I was quite happy with the pay but why did they have to keep me waiting for so long and they tell me out of the blue that I am getting paid?

The PIP, ESA, DWP do not make any sense at all.

I was saying to my mum, I would not be surprised if they were secretly assessing me via CCTV in the waiting room.

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That’s great news for you and not before time. Loving the Devil Wears Prada lol 😆

Nothing at all surprises me with that lot 🙈 putting the wrong people through these unnecessary assessments I just get so angry reading peoples experiences with them 😡

Still waiting on result of pip mandatory reconsideration for my husband told big backlog - wonder why eh 🤔 Brain Injury Team read copy of my husbands assessment that I requested and cannot believe the lies on it so if it goes to appeal they will be gunning for them.

Maybe we should secretly video them eh 👌🏻

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Matt2584 in reply to Tia-01

Secretly record them, why not. There is a lot else that is kept a secret from us and not just referring to PIP either.

I too hate all this benefit malarky and I know people will happily tell you that it’s because they are trying to catch out the scammers, it’s not, it’s nothing to do with that.

If it was to do with that then the cheaters would no longer be getting benefits.

I know there a lot of people who are not into conspiracies and think they are ridiculous but if you look into some and compare that with what is going on in the world today you will see that these theories are not so ridiculous after all.

Curiouser and curiouser…..

All I can say Matt is take the money and run ; there's little point in ruffling those particular feathers now you're ahead. Good result !

Love the Devil Wears Prada connection. xx

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Matt2584 in reply to cat3

Thanks cat, and that is pretty much what my mum was saying :).

On the ‘mobility’ component I got some low scores where I should have got some high scores and my overall award was ‘standard’ mobility which I didn’t quite agree on at first.

After talking to my mum about it. What would be the point in trying to get a few more quid out of them? I am not a greedy fella :).

Love the Prada bit, but well done about your results and payments. I agree with Cat accept the money and run as my mobility was not as much as I was told but I have accepted it as it’s too stressful to continue to keep going . So well done and enjoy the freedom of knowing you have achieved most parts of your goal. Love Liz x🌹

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Matt2584 in reply to 1949liz

Thanks Liz :).

Hi Matt. I pleased for you. The stress they put on us is shocking. X

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Matt2584 in reply to Cj-195

Thanks Cj :).

Yes, it is shocking and very very unfair too.

I shall also add to this that my mum used a website called Advice Now and with the help of them you can create a template letter to send to the DWP if you were seeking a mandatory reconsideration.

My mum went on this website, asked me a few questions about my disability. I never actually saw what this website was asking or what it looked like, she filled in the questions herself. My parents know about my disability and how it can affect me cos I tell them most of the time.

Anyway, we got the template letter sent to you by email. I printed it off and mum sent it off in the post.

Months later I got the reply, it turned out to be a pretty good one and my mum raves the Advice Now website and said it was very handy.

I did have the assistance of my local Headway if I needed them but it turned out I did not need them in the end. They did help with some fact sheets about brain injury and a supporting letter I was given and the brain injury ID card as well, so I thank them for that but they were there if anything went pear-shaped and I would have to take the DWP to court, which I didn’t exactly want to do.

Matt thank you for that reply. Now I think that I not only my own. I been lied from my group. It's a shamed. My family is professional in chairty carers in blackpool they are shocked.

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