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Supplement/ vitamins post brain injury interacting with PRADAXA ( anticoagulant) prescribed for atrial fibrillation


Hi, I was reading up on here about supplements / vitamins following brain haemorrhage after trauma. . Husband also on PRADAXA ( anticoagulant) as he also has atrial fibrillation. He's treading a fine line.

Was considering magnesium/ Q10/ omega 3/ vit C/ glucosamine. Does anyone tak these also on PRADAXA? This is the anticoagulant that does nt need blood tests and u can eat anything with,

Thanks Anne

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I would check with your doctor or pharmacist first, just to be safe.


Theres a drug interaction checker done by webmd, i think you can input supplements on there too and it will tell you if there are any known interactuons.

I dont take that blood thinner but i do take other prescribed medication i always xheck for interactions using that website before take ng any new supplements.

I take Q10, clinical strength onega 3, a multi B vitamin but ive always steered clear of magnesium, i fact any mineral or vitamin that can cause problems if overdosed.

Janet x


Hi Charente,

Many thanks for your question. As others have said, it's definitely important to speak to your doctor about this. The advice has to be quite individual, and will take into account the full medical history as well as medications your husband may be on. It's certainly better to be safe with these things.

Best wishes,


not anything. he needs to be careful about the amout of vitamin k he takes into the body found in leafy greens, ginger is another problem.

i suggest you go back and see the gp and get the full facts.

Hi Anne,

I don’t go near doctors or touch pharmaceutical meds no more, they do more harm than good.

Nutrients are all you need for great health and I get all or most of the nutrients I need from good food. You won’t get many nutrients from store bought, processed food... FACT.

You can buy a pack of various milled/ground seeds (flaxseed, pumpkin seed and sunflower seed) from Holland & Barrett.

You get omega 3 and vitamin E from them and they benefit the brain.

I sprinkle, or in my case, add a teaspoon to my cereal as well as a teaspoon of poppy seeds and a teaspoon of hemp seeds.

For my lunch, I usually have 2 different smoothies, a veg-based smoothie and a fruit-based smoothie.

I add 2 teaspoons of the flax, pumpkin and sunflower seed mix to my veg smoothie and 2 teaspoons to my fruit smoothies as well.

Off to H and B tomorrow... good advice... Thankyou and to everyone for their kind and generous replies Anne 👍

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