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Hi all,

Just a quick message as I am a wee bit excited at the mo.

I got some more essential oils today. It was a set of 14 different scents by ‘Essence of Arcadia’. One of those scents was clary sage. I read on their website that clary sage has ANTISPASMODIC PROPERTIES. I have spasticity, involuntary muscles spasms/stiffness.

When I read this I started inhaling the clary sage right from the bottle and even put a drop in my hand and cupped my nose and mouth and inhaled deeply. No word of a lie, 10-20 mins later the muscles in my left leg felt so much more relxed when I was moving around and it felt so much easier. It didn’t rid the spasticity completey but I can feel that it has helped out and I shall keep on inhaling the stuff. Plus it smells so good to :).

When I am in the house I am usually clutching onto certain objects to help aid me getting around. After the clary sage I can walk around more without having to grab on to something so much :).

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How wonderful that you found this much improvement right away! So often with supplements and the like, there is a lot of ambiguity with respect to the effect. Wishing you continued good results. Thank your sharing your experience. It will probably help others.

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That is why I spread news about natural health; fruits, veg, essential oils. They do better than most, if not all, pharmaceutical meds.

Just trying to spread the word :).

I love the smell of Clary sage ; hope the effects have a cumulative effect on your mobility Matt.

My family are well impressed with your/my Aardvark by the way & I've dug out the perfect frame to show it off !

🐗 <-- distant cousin of 'Aardy'. xx

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I really like the smell of clary sage to and I also researched the rest of the 13 oils in that set. Quite a few of the oils include antispasmodic properties such as eucalyptus oil and lavender.

Yling ylang is one of the oils in the set, it doesn’t have antispasmodic properties but it does smell a lot like bubblegum. Lovely smell :).

Some people cannot stand the smell of some essential oils which is a shame. I know a couple of people who don’t like lavender or frankincense and that is a shame because they are so good for you to.

Not wishing to be a dampener on your joy but please proceed with caution . Although they are natural essential oils can have side effects too and ylang ylang is renowned for causing pretty bad headaches .(just about the last thing we need).

All the best.

Thanks for that Shirley :).

The Yling Ylang included in the set I have was actually the first time I have tried Yling Ylang before and I have not had any head pains from it, thankfully.

I am guessing that if you have read before about Yling Ylang giving people headaches then maybe that specific oil was not a very good quality one.

I think I have briefly read about dodgy oils before.

If the price is cheap or the bottle it comes in is transparent or the botanical name/strength of the oil is not printed then you may have a duffer on your hands.

The best quality oils out there are by a brand called Doterra and my are they expensive. I have been using a pretty medium-grade frankincense essential oil for quite a few years now and it would probably cost me around £6-£10 or more for a 10-15ml bottle.

On the Doterra website, you can buy a 10ml bottle for aroung £70-90!!

Sounds like robbery doesn’t it but I have been told by a friend who uses Doterra oils that it is worth the money.

Matt it's only partly about price. It's the actual qualities of the oils themselves and their over use.

Just keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary while using them. They can be really useful.

I know it’s not just the price but what I mean is that the more expensive the oils are usually means the better quality they are, the more work that has gone into making them, whether they use organically grown plants and so on.

Having said that though when I first read about CBD oil, it wasn’t quite the same for me. I mean, I have read about how good cannabis is and in Canada, cannibis is legal and a guy called Rick Simpson has supposedlt cure over xxxx amount of patients using CBD oil.

Then parts of the states began to legalise it and that is when I decided to get some CBD oil capsules hoping they would help. I did spend a bit of money on them too for higher strength ones.

I found the capsules did not do a lot for me so I wasn’t going to continue forking out money for something that has little, or no, effect.

Some people have said how it helps with aches and pains, some say it helps with their sleep... as for me, I didn’t notice anything.

I do think though, what we, the public, are available to buy is a watered down version of CBD/cannabis. I think we need the cannabis plant to really be able to see what it can do.

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I am glad your family like the Aardvark too :).

Is that a warthog I see? They are distant cousins of Aardvarks are they?

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No, I don't think so ! It was the only creature on my Microsoft app which remotely resembled an Aardvark...……. 🤔 I do love the much maligned Warthog though ! xx

A great tip Matt, i'm over to Amazon and order some clary sage, as mentioned in other posts I have spasticity in right leg.

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I will say Fred, if the clary sage you have ordered does not seem to have much of an effect on you then it might be the quality of the oil itself.

I have used good oils and I have used pretty dull oils before and I’m not greatly knowledgable about essential oils.

I think the oil set that I ordered with the clary sage in it, Essence of Arcadia is the name are pretty good quality oils.

After having another look at their website I found that not only does clary sage have antispasmodic properties but a few other oils in the set do as well. Eucalyptus being one and Orange is another.

I hope the clary sage or any other oils you might use help you out Fred.

I won’t go and say that the clary sage has totally obliterated my case of spaticity but I do think it has helped relax the muscles in my left leg and foot quite a bit.

Sometimes I would find when I walk my muscles would tighten up so much they would feel sore and my left foot could look a bit like a claw :).

I think the main problem with spasticity for me was that the inner thigh muscle would tighten up and would slow down my walking.

After I used clary sage it seems to have melted the tightness of that muscle away for now. I feel a little quicker on my feet. Only a little quicker as I still have balance problems to think about too :).

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Its worth a try Matt, not expecting any great shakes, so much in your post resonated mate, its the communication as much as anything, I'll keep you ;posted.

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Well, I’m glad you think of it as “It’s worth a try”. You’re right though, it is worth a try and it can’t harm you. That’s what I love about nature, it can’t harm you unless of course you haven’t properly researched into it. And the other thing with natural over pharmaceutical is pharma drugs have a limit like “Take 2 a day” or whatever. With nature, you can have as much as you want. There can be RECOMMENDED uses for natural remedies but most of the time it’s use it when you feel like it.

Some people would turn their noses up and prefer to use pharma drugs.

Some people, like my uncle, prefer to just wait it out and let their body deal with the issue which could take ages. Why, I don’t know.

I'm with you again Matt, no prescription drugs for me, though if I did as suggested I would be "on" blood thinning and anti seizure meds.

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Yep. One pharma drug leads another ailment and that treatment leads to another ailment, it never ends but it’s how they make the money. Well, they won’t get none from me :).

Before I was “clued up” on all this, I had pharyngitis once. I went to the doc and he put me on antibiotics. The antibiotics did get rid of the pharyngitis but then I had thrush on my tongue!

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