Diffuser and essential oils

Hi all,

These might not work for everyone but they do for me.

I got some Frankincense essential oil last year as I read it is good at healing/helping with brain injuries.

It has helped with my injury and that was by inhaling it straight from the bottle.

I have now got a diffuser and that makes me sleep much more easily too.

Plug it in. Put a little water in the tank. Add a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice. Turn it on.

I read about Helichrysum essential oil not long ago as that can heal nerves and again is great for people who have had brain injury or stroke.

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  • Hi Matt,

    Some good advice there. Glad you are enjoying me old friend Frankincense. A great friend of the aromatherapist with a nervous couch client. Egyptians used it to embalm bodies to cover the smell!

    For me, Brain injury early years the sense of smell and taste was not missed. As systems came back, smell and taste was important.

    Last year was the year of clearing the sinuses for me. In my diffuser, I used rosemary, eucalyptus, frankincense and pine. Started it off as I was going to sleep with window open just a tiny bit. Helped me breathe clearly while I slept and happy to report this year, my sinuses are free! Bliss.

    Take care.


  • Hi H,

    Interesting about the Egyptians embalming the bodies with Frankincense. You learn something new everyday :).

    I think my sense of smell and taste has been lowered ever so slightly, so I shall use the diffuser and frankincense and helichrysum and probably try some other oils.

    I might try out lemon. I sometimes get times where I feel quite sleepy and my eyes get heavy. That might be a part of fatigue which the frankincense has helped with but I heard lemon wakes you up. I think that is what I could do with.

    Congratulations on your clear sinuses :).

    Take care,


  • Hi Matt,

    I have recently started using frankincense first with the inhaling and like yourself

    sniffing straight from the bottle as the last few weeks I've felt a lot of mucus and my sinuses giving me jip(even though previously they say nothing is wrong with my sinuses).....

    So if anyone at work was watching on the cameras(I work in an airport) god knows what they were thinking seeing me sniffing something up my nose.....lol


  • Hi Mandy,

    I am sorry to hear your sinuses have been giving you jip. The only thing I can think is that you are having a reaction to the frankincense or referring to recovering H's comment, the frankincense may be helping you clear your sinuses.

    Out of interest, where did you get yours?

    When I first read about frankincense it said you had to make sure you had a good quality one or one that was 100% therapeutic grade/100% pure.

    Take care,


  • Thats an interesting one. I wonder if it would be ok if the person suffers from seizures? I have read that some oils (lavender?) can interfere with the meds.

  • Hi Molly,

    From what I have read about frankincense and some other oils, frankincense not only is good for people with brain injuries but also calming too and I can agree on the calming side as I normally use frankincense in the diffuser while I sleep and I have always had a good sleep.

    Whenever I sleep without the diffuser, I don't sleep as well or I wake up earlier.

    I don't know a lot about seizures because I don't get them but I think essential oils in a diffuser would most probably help.

    The thing to watch out for is that there is a lot of good and bad information on the internet.

    Having said that, the things I have read could be a load of rubbish but seeing as it helps then it can't be.

    The thing I would probably do is not to rely on one source of information but rather from sources telling you similar information.

    Take care,


  • I take Keppra for partial seizures and have no problem with Frankincense (even sniffing it,,,,lol)

  • I am still pretty new to essential oils but am very interested in expanding my knowledge of them and spreading the word.

    I thought at first you were saying you had problems with Frankincense since you said you had sinus trouble. Sorry for misreading and I'm glad you like it :)

    It has a wonderful scent doesn't it.

    I got some Helichrysum after reading that it can help with nerve damage. The only trouble is, Helichrysum is rare and I bought a 1ml bottle of it, not a lot of it but great to whiff.

    I have now got a bottle of Helichrysum diluted in almond. I have a 5ml bottle of it, more to use :).

    Take care,


  • Thanks Matt, I agree with you, there is so much information out there, it's hard to know who to believe, but will look into it for my husband.

    All the best to you x

  • Will definitely try that😄

  • Hi Thanks. I'm up for trying anything which may help my husband. I have just ordered the oil from EBay.

  • I can just see it now.

    Some busybody peering through the window of a Headway meeting and then running off to call the Police - there a group of strange people in a room, they are all sniffing stuff from bottle, don't know what they are taking but some of them can't walk or talk properly ......

    Que the woman from the Simpsons "Won't someone think of the children"

  • a number of the folks at work like the plug in diffuses I personally don't like much sented stuff finding it sickly.

    I would caution that being what they are, ie a small plug in heater, that there is a risk of fire.

    one of fireman we had round at work was expressing his dislike of them plus cheap phone/tablet chargers.

    I'd be wary of leaving something like that on at night, unsupervised.

  • I don't know what diffusers you have used or are talking about because my one certainly does not give off any heat and the scent from the essential oil/s die down in the diffuser.

    The scent is much stronger inhaling it from the bottle.

    I shall say this again but there is a lot of truthful information and a whole lot more false information out there.

  • Your plugging the diffuser in. to convert water/oil state from liquid to gases.

    to do this you can use a fan, a heater or vibrate at ultrasonic frequency.

    Vibrating water/oil mix has to heat, as a by product of being moved, though in fairness it would be slight.

    running any electrical device partially a cheap possibly not well tested ( a lot are far east imports ) unsupervised carries a risk

  • Exactly! It is a slight heat but not much to worry about right now.

    If I started smelling something other than the oils, like burning or if the diffuser started to feel pretty hot then I would stop using it and probably buy a replacement or even a different brand.

    It might be better to look at some reciews first.

  • it's a electrical device with a flammable liquid inside it, which has a low flash point. most essential oils will burn at 50-60C. same as Diesel.

    That put diffuses into a greater risk than most domestic electrical, it's great that you like it but do be aware of what it is ie a flammable liquid, and thus the risk there in of that.

  • My wife had the same problems getting people to accept the notion of taking Fenugreek for diabetes. Her blood sugar index was 19.6 six months later it was 6.2.

    When people asked how she became better they would not believe her even though she was proof it worked even pointing them to the

    accademic and medical research didn't work

  • Hi Sospan,

    I and my mum and my friend, we as well as others out there are proof that nature is more effective than pharmaceutical rubbish.

    Natural foods and essential oils are so much more worthwhile but not many people will listen, even family members don't. They think they know better.

    Take care,


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