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Disastrous holiday

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Just returned from holiday, in Majorca, having had two episodes of possible Tia, out of ten days spent seven in hospital, where been told they were seizures, Tia's or pressure from aneurysm pressing on the brain, they said my aneurysm is giant, although they didn't have access to my old scans, now waiting for urgent appointment at Salford Royal, to get some answers and reassurance.will be holidaying in uk, in future, what a nightmare, hope everyone is well. Love Alice xx

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Glad you are home safe and sound.

Janet x

Ooh that’s unfortunate! Is that the first time you flew since the aneurysm was found? Or was it found by the hospital in Majorca?

If the aneurysm was known about I'd be surprised you'd be given insurance. I was told not to fly,due to the risk involved, however mine was a AVM.

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lcd8 in reply to sealiphone

Thanks Sealiphone. I also have an AVM yet have never been told this.

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sealiphone in reply to lcd8

Hopefully yours has been resolved like mine, then you're good to go, if you can still afford it

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