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I would post updates but ...


I would post plants and OH updates but due to the recent bombardment of negativity Ive been getting a lot recently I don't feel confidence and can no longer brush off or ignore the negative comments because my self-esteem has taken a battering and its quite frankly making the depression and anxiety worse and considering that at the end of the month I will have completely stopped the pregabalin, I think its in my best interest right now to take a break from this site.

(Sorry Andrew/Bruce and everyone else who was interested in plant updates)

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Hi Bexx

I was really sorry to read your post there now. I haven’t been in the forum as much recently for one thing and another - so I’ve missed whatever has been happening.

I enjoyed seeing your plants, growing things is such a positive thing to do. I must try and do it myself. Whatever negativity you e had about gardening posts I can’t imagine. It seems like such a rewarding pass time. Certainly seeing your posts might give other people the idea that they can do it too.

I was also pleased to hear about your medication- it seems like such a step forward and a difficult one as well, so well done to you.

Take care and come back soon with a picture of a very tall plant :) x

bexx87 in reply to Elenor3

Thank you I plan on not leaving for long (but I may forget that I said I will be taking a break) I just feel if my body reacts any think like how it did to the medication with draw back in march then I am best left in a dark corner on my own own to deal with it (if you want a catch up read some of the comments on my last few posts) I'm now cautious of this post causing a negative response but I can't control that I will miss posting plant updates but I imagine not a lot will happen but you might see my living room turning into a pepper and gherkin jungle which scares me with overwhelmness, Im glad someone is happy about my medication move and definitely try gardening (it a cheap and rewarding activity and you don't need a outdoor space) I have never done it be and get scared when moving the plants as they do react but they always end up find afterwards and more happier


54Apple54 in reply to Elenor3

Well said ; negativity is harmful not only to those who read it but those who send it !

So sorry to read this . I wouldn’t give this up if it helps you . You love your plants and so do we ,the ones who have upset you just shouldn’t read your posts . We are on this because we all have problems and hope to have a little help from like minded people. Maybe just have a rest from it and come back when you are feeling more positive. No one wants to feel worse.

I hope you stay on and just ignore the negativity , they aren’t worth the bother . Take care Shona xxx

bexx87 in reply to Shon48

Hi thank you I try and ignore it but it's gotten harder to not get wound up, I try and be positive but i feel like people can't deal with it and need to ruin it (I have experience of that in real life so it's not just this forum) like people refuse to read the article about me or when I talk to people they feel the need to bring me down a peg or to (like my neighbor or people from the headway social group or a recent friend who said if I got sacked I wouldn't get rehired so I did a shout out on LinkedIn and my post got over 400 views in 12 hours showing me I would get rehired in a flash) and I just don't need it I want to surround myself with people who uplift me but it's a rare quality to find in people again I can't control who reads my posts or who puts negative comments on them so I thought the only way I can control it is to not post and thus not give people the opportunity to spout negative which is a shame to people like you and Eleanor who enjoy my updates I don't plan on getting rid of my plants because it's not their fault they are the inconncent victim in all of this

Shon48 in reply to bexx87

Nowt as queer as folk . You do what is best for you my dear . 🙏🙏🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

bexx87 in reply to Shon48

I just don't understand the recent spate of negative comments I'm not posting anything to set or trigger people off and it leaves me deflated, frustrated and annoyed which is why I thought if I stepped back I can gather myself and reassess my body and realign my mental warrior shield

Before I post I've started thinking will this upset anyone which is where I hope cbt will help when that appointment rolls around and I shouldn't have to think what I post will rile any one up because we live in a world where we have freedom of speech

Shon48 in reply to bexx87

Absolutely right 👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Chelle3069 in reply to bexx87

Some people aren't worth bothering about. The only one you can depend on is yourself, or animals or plants. As my old nan used to say ' if you've got nowt nice to say then don't say it at all.

Hi Bexx,

not been keeping up to date on forum and have missed any negativity on here.

Will miss your updates as it has spurred me on to tackle the garden again........ok ok a fair bit of nagging error I mean encouragement from my better half has helped.

Personally I can only grow veg and weeds ...Flowers I find impossible. Oh and apples I grow loads of apple...Well the tree does not me personally

I hope if you do take a break it is a short one. Try following even if you don't post.

In some people's defence comments may appear critical even if not intended to be.

Keep on growing

Pax x

bexx87 in reply to paxo05

Hi, Im glad Ive inspired you :-) It wont be a long break (I hope)

Hi Bexx,

Don't you leave. Your plants have been great to watch.

I haven't any of my own this year.

Keep it up.


I think this is the most active thread I have had on here in weeks lol I am currently contemplating what hyperlinks to move into slightly bigger containers so I can move the peppers into the smaller containers and my flowers which I have also repotted are doing well in their mini greenhouse as well as my blueberry busy sprouting New leaves and my blackcurrent plant has grown a secondary stalk lol I have got though so many bags of 15 liter cheap soil (I am about to finish the 3rd bag) but hopefully I will be drowning in gherkins and peppers lol

Hey Bex, don't leave please. You're a fresh of breath air with your demo's. Also a real asset with posting other stuff. I understand where you are coming from with feeling "put down", if I've got it right. This is a Board for brain injured survivors to posts all n sundry. I'm sure its a case of "filters missing" and other faux pas from others. Don't take it to heart sweetie!! x

Thanks :-)

Please don't leave . I love your plant updates and general comments. I guess we are rubbish at letting people know how much we like stuff and just read and smile and move on to next thing. Anyway you take care and do what you have to but do remember that lots of us do care about you xx

bexx87 in reply to maureen103

Awww thank you I do care about you lot too :-) x


Hey Bex,

Please don't be gone for long, if you need a break. Your regular home based horticulture musings and photos are immensely valued. You deserve to feel proud, not demoralised. xx

I jealous about you blueberries. My is still a stick. I think negative is a learning curve, how the world it's selfish. I love my garden. Peace from this world 😆. Talking is good. 😃

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