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latest trip to the hospital

Not very interesting but if I write here it updates everyone that cares to read, not just my diary, its easier to type than write anyway cos I can spellcheck it and it saves all those nasty crossings out and my terribly spidery writing!

I digress, went to the E N&T yesterday, follow up on my vertigo and balance, no more to be done unless I'm worried or the vertigo comes back, practice should help the balance, no matter I've been practicing for over 12 months now, so no more follow ups, what I expected.

Next week its a follow up at the rehab unit, think he'll say that's it too, get on with your life and try and put it behind you, not easy to do when you wake up with the consequences every day , but hey ho! we'll give it a go.

My sister took me yesterday cos hubby didn't want to take another day off and no 2 daughter was packing for Glastonbury, made her a pretty nifty head band if it comes home will post a picture of it , used to have my own florists in another reincarnation( fully trained) but not done anything that intricate for a while, fine motor skills affected, but it turned out fine, she loved it.

Time to go finish tea

Bye! Janetx

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Addition to this cos I've been thinking about what I wrote, It sounded like I was unhappy with hubby not taking me, not a bit, I was grateful to spend the time with my sister, circumstances have meant we don't spend enough time together, it's just a shame it's taken this situation to make us all realise whats important in life, a lesson very dearly learnt, hindsight etc.!, if I knew then what I know now! Enough from me today, take care all. Janet x


So true, Janet. I know your sister is a great source of support and it's IS so important to appreciate the people you love and spend time with them.

I never really spent much time with my brother......you know........separate lives, families, friends etc. Then when he became seriously ill I visited him in hospital every week for over a year and we talked the way we'd never talked before. The last time I visited him in hospital our conversation was interrupted by medical staff. He said "We HAVE to finish this conversation next time". There never was a next time, and I wonder now.....Why did we leave it so late to start getting to know one-another ?

That was in March so it's still quite raw...........and I just hijacked your blog !!

Hope you won't feel too insecure after being discharged and that you can continue to manage the vertigo. It's hard I know (I'm still staggering) and it'll soon be time for me to let go of the safety net also. Love cat xx


Thanks for the reply, I'm sorry to hear about your brother I didn't know, I only have the one sister and she has an inoperable aneurysm and CLL so we feel we're on borrowed time but that's been 8 years now so we really are making the most we can now of time we've got, I!m very lucky with the family I've got and intend to use the second chance I've got.

Love to you and yours Janet x


Thanks for that Janet. Yes I'm the same.......just one sibling. We have to be so very strong at times........It's all part of the circle of life isn't it. I see my sister-in-law each Thursday since my bro.died so I'll be going there later. (She's also Janet)

You have such a lovely family and I know that you treasure them. Please give your sister a big hug from me.

If you think it might be your last rehab appt. next week I hope you'll ask any lingering questions you have. I suppose there'll always be residual symptoms for most of us, but there still has to be that cut-off point where it's decided that they're now manageable.........and we have our GPs for continuing support.

Always good to talk to you Janet. xx :-)


Thanks for that , I've started a list of things to mention at the rehab appt, last night I picked a book up that my son bought for me when I was first ill , not read much to date , it's called " Brain injury retiring for survivors" and it talks a lot of sense, made me realise I'm doing mostly the right things but for weeks now I've felt like I need an Indian head massage so I think I'll look at that won't do any harm or reflexology or acupuncture(not sure about that last one ) when I do I'll let you know :-) x


The book title should read rewiring, the I pad autocorrected it !


If I had more money than sense I would alternate between the three !

Going to see my sis-in-law now. Take care Janet. xx


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