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Need some advise i saw a neuropsycholigist about 3 weeks ago and been told i have post concussion, she told me its from having my head injury 4 years ago and then going into a plumbing firm working so many hours has caused stress i left this company 4 weeks of joining and why i have still the symptoms still 4 years later is just stressed related from the month i did at plumbing. I have to keep pushing myself which she said i need to do (which is making things worse) i work 15 hours a week and started a stained glass course finding it all a struggle as it is, i struggle from work and can wipe me out but have to keep going as money is an issue i guess for every one else to :( she told me not to bother with headway as they are for severe brain injury and i have no brain injury so will not help me, i have had no testing done to see if there is a problem but then i dont no how they test you either, feeling very confussed at the moment on what to do. I have memory problems, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, forgetful, confussion, cant focus, brain fog etc.

Also from the accident i got whiplash and found out recently my vertabreas in my neck are squashed which i no does not help either.

I need to understand what is persistant post concussion is i have leaflets but im not understanding it. I've got mixed messages from the neuro psycholigist i hope that all made sense and would love to hear from other people and what they feel and how they cope with this.

Thank you so much in advance xxxx

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i am not a doctor but do know all the warning signs with brain inuries severe or otherwise coincussion is aused by the brain banging on the side of te skull and can lead to delayed concussion i once played a whole game of eugby i remember the kick off next memory was being in the showers after the game strange as i did 3 weeks earlier get knocked out what to suggested is difficult but i really do think you need to consult a neuro consultant asap neil,


I have had post concussion syndrome for 2.5 years, I'm not a Dr but to me that is a brain injury. Are you on facebook? There's also a post concussion syndrome group on there lots of people all over the world can relate. I didn't want to join headway for the same reason you were given but was told it is for anyone with any head injury, so I joined & enjoy it.


Meant to say - maybe you could phone or email whoever does your local headway group and asked them what they think


well it all seems common symptoms to a head injury but ALSO the neck thing. headches and all you discribe can also come from kinked.trapped nerves in the neck.Was looking this up the other day for a friend with same problem. it was the neck causeing his. so you have both viable reasons why you have your symptoms hun.Just have to find someone who can help you now.much love Lainey.


Please do call the Headway helpline...either your local branch or Headway UK...someone there should be able to point you in the right direction.


Hi mand00,

Thank you for your post, and I am sorry to hear of the continuing symptoms you are experiencing.

Ongoing effects from concussion are unfortunately not uncommon, and while this type of injury is 'officially' classed as minor, it is anything but for people going through it.

It is certainly not true that Headway is only here for people with severe brain injuries, as we do provide support to people experiencing the effects of all types of injury.

Can I suggest you contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk to talk things through? We can help you to get the support you need to move things forward and get the support you need. We can also send you some of our leaflets to help understand things, and talk through anything you need clarifying.

Best wishes,



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