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New interests post BI

I'd be interested to hear others new interests post BI, these are not what I would call hobbies, but just things I have found myself interested in. These include leaving any natural plant life on a window sill to see the drying out process and just what things become, on my window sill are a shrivelled radish, a piece of ginger, 3 small beans, a tomato stalk, a small red chilli and various seeds, (it always seems a shame to throw a seed away when you consider all the potential to become whatever the plant it might be," give a seed a chance" I say. Also rocks that stand by themselves, I have 4 of these, I like to hold and study the surfaces, to think these have been around possibly millions of years , they have a presence, a stillness (obviously) that is calming and a tad consciousness I believe. There are various stone door stops around the flat including a piece of iron ore and a chunk of flint, a piece of scoria that was evicted from a volcano millions of years ago, solidifying in mid air and somehow found its way into my local park? its meditative to consider the journey its has been on, I've just looked over at it, do you think it knows I am writing about it, peeking up just over the CD player, yes I think it does.

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Psychology. Great way to learn about something is to break it and see how it works.

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That even goes for us, I’m broken but it has led to me learning far more about how I work xx



A high 5 to that statement. I've learnt more about myself and others in my life since my bi 2.5 yrs ago than the rest of my life. Fortunately most good but some bad. I never gave my brain one jot of consideration pre bi I now have a lot of respect for it if that doesn't sound daft!


After moving house in 1990 I found, over a period of years, three peculiar rocks in my garden soil. My son took ownership of them as he was fascinated by the universe, and we were both convinced they'd fallen from space.

So when I took him and his sister to Jodrell Bank we took the rocks and showed them to one of the astronomers. My son (aged 9) agreed to leave them for analysis and we returned two weeks later to hear they were chunks of meteorite. We were asked to leave them for display, with the assurance of my son's name below each. Sadly, he wasn't having any of it.

My passion is gardening ; growing from cuttings and seeing plants die down then regenerate in Spring...........never short of jobs to do out there ; it's my little piece of 'Heaven'. x


Hi fredikins,

Interesting topic. I think my interest in nature is really more of an obsession!

When I'm wandering around outdoors, I automatically look up into passing trees to spot or listen for birds and then name the species in my mind. I must admit that I have always been a bird watcher.

These days, observing birds and their behaviour has a richness and depth that was absent prior to my illness. It feels like a new interest.


Hi Claire,

I too have been interested in birds and nature for many years, nature is a healer, I find a good walk, or more likely, these days a good sit , works wonders for my mood, not sure how these italics came on?


I’ve recently started enjoying exercise and running which is something I used to hate. Honestly I don’t think it’s got anything to do with BI, but the fact I’m attending a BI group that is encouraging it.


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