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Update on family friends wife condition and accident


Hi all

Hope you are all alright.

Sending you this update regarding my family friends wife condition from the hospital.

The doctors have re-scanned her yesterday and they are keeping her in a induced coma until they re-scan her again on Friday because the swelling of her brain has only gone down a bit and after they have re-scanned her again on Friday, they will make the decision then whether they will bring her out of the induced coma or not.

The good news is that the swelling of her brain has started to go down and the CT Scan from yesterday also showed that they are no new bleeds and the four fractures of her skull are starting to heal as well.

Doctors have also warned us that when they do eventually bring her out the induced coma she might not wake up because she might be in a natural coma due to her severe head injuries and they have also said that she is still in a critical but stable condition.

Also the police came to see us yesterday because they have caught the hit and run driver responsible in a high speed chase on Saturday evening. He has admitted that he left the scene of the accident six days ago today.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter.

I will keep you all updated on her condition.


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Hi Laura, good news indeed. Swelling of the brain is a big problem in itself, and until she comes out of the coma the extent of that he damage will not be known.

So keep up the good work like we said, its a slow process and patience is the watchword.

Janet x

Hi Goldie11

The culprit was arrested and charged on Saturday evening with leaving the scene of an accident and GBH. That is what the police told us when they came to see us two days ago today.


Prayers and healing vibes for the family wife xx

and voodoo to the driver :(

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