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Bank Holiday get away

Has anyone else got any plans for the bank holiday?

I have just the moment agreed with my Aunty and booked coach tickets to spend a few days in Derby to get a change of scenery even if it means dealing with my cousins drama I don't mind with my new anxiety levels. I even booked the return coach wrong in panic but I have now corrected it and I don't plan on walking around Derby shopping centre for 6 hours like I did last time and my irish friend wants me to visit soon but that needs a bit more planning what with booking flights is a lot more complicated that booking a coach (and I still managed to mess that up)

Im sorry Bristol, your local government has recently been doing my nut in these 2 weeks or other wise known as my job.

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What can I say Bex, 2 weeks from work sounds like a heavenly sent adventure, there are 2 problems however in this case, the first being that I don't have 2 weeks leave to use and the second is that me and Derby just don't get on - there are a myriad of reasons but I, essentially, in the words of Bob Dylan 'don't want to go back ... no more'

Any road up, enjoy yourself and we will undoubtedly hear all about it next Wednesday at the HIC :) :) Take it easy & have a nice time - just realised its not 2 weeks just a long weekend but I still don't have enough leave

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I wish I had 2 weeks from work, I mean the 2 week IN work have been severally stressful, I only get 4 days away until my manager gets back who HAS been away for 2 weeks I need to take1 day and can carry 5 over or just lose the 1 paid day


Nope, although hopefully I'll make a festival in the summer. Talking about messed up travel, I booked the return train journey and hotel, when my daughter and I stayed in York.

Going back the ticket inspector asked why we were on the train home, we'd had one more night in the hotel left and caught the 24 hour earlier train!

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