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What's wrong with me?

I know fatigue needs to be managed but these past few months I am really struggling and feel so tired all the time. I sleep through 10 hours at night & rest as much as possible, even having couple hours in the afternoon the last couple of days, which I don't feel any better for. Anyway, it's really getting me down so I went to the doctors the other day & he agreed something not right, & has booked me in to have my blood tested for everything next week. I don't remember feeling this ko'd & now I'm wondering if having meningitis in hospital did more damage than the rupture. Does anybody know if there are any long term side effects of meningitis? I just live to sleep

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I get bouts of fatigue which fluctuates from time to time.

I have to carefully watch my tiredness as sometimes I can almost forget especially when on holiday or enjoying myself.

I go to bed early as come 9 I’m ruined.

When I wake up I still feel like death!

Unsure about meningitis but I know my TBI causes all sorts of tiredness/ fatigue

Gone r the days when I used to go out till 6 in the morning,



Me too Sam....... I had viral Meningitis 30 years ago and was hospitalised for 10 days, but it was after discharge that the fatigue really hit. I had a recurrence 12 months after the original (not unusual) and was told by the ward sister that I might have headaches and fatigue indefinitely.

After the SAH I was warned again about fatigue & headaches (plus much more this time ! ) and the sleeping became an embarrassment ! But 6 years on, I'm managing to stay active during the day, though after 9pm I'm good for nothing. :-o


Hi Sam

I don't know about the menengitis impact. Just in case it is helpful I will share for me, eating sugar is a direct stimulus of fatigue. It sends my blood sugar up and then sharply down. That cycle and the associated fatigue I feel makes me more likely to eat another sugary thing and so it continues. When I cut out all foods with processed sugars, I feel much more energetic. All the best in your quest for improvement. So glad to hear that your doctor is supportive and proactive.


Me too Sammm - I'm in live with my bed and easily spend 10 hours sleeping and wake up as tired as ever. I have to force myself to get up otherwise I would spend all day there too!

I do suffer from cfs too which accounts for some of my tiredness - but that was diagnosed before my illness in Oct 14 .

The best advice I can give is to have whatever tests you can - but don't necessarily expect any direct answer/help.

I do know that the better I eat and exercise, the better I feel. I also have b12 injections monthly which help temporarily. Otherwise rest when you need to. Never underestimate the brain power needed for just living without doing anything exciting eg just watching tv or reading a book can take huge amounts of effort.

Be kind to yourself and try not to worry too much - that'll drain any resources you have too ...


My mum got tired with post concussion syndrome & Headway sent us some booklets. I don't know about meningitis but brain injury does this. You might keep an eye on your diet though to make sure you are getting slow releases of energy from food. If you are feeling tired, I heard from a doctor on a radio show that some peanut butter can give you energy for a few hours. You can even add it to a banana smoothie. Tina M Sullivan's book, Nourish Your Noggin has tips and recipes for recovery after brain injury.

Hope this helps


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