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First couple of days away in 18 months

Ohh and my girls laughed until we got home . i stressed and worried the whole time about mark .

And i don't think he missed us at all . all i wanted was a hug . ..wishful thinking 😕

But hey ho had the frst and not the last time out with my girls . I was meant to be xmas shopping but he checking every flaming out going even though i earn more than him !

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It's a hard thing to do, but I think we all have to start making a life for ourselves outside the constant worry of the brain injury. It is really hard and I, too, worry all the time I am away but I think that to cope with the worst times we need to give ourselves a break whenever possible. Do it as often as you can, it will make the hard times easier. So long as Mark is safe, try to enjoy your free times - and have as many of them as you can.


Good for you going out. You have got to find room for yourself as well. My husband goes out at least once a week and nearly every day to the gym and I manage with some mishaps along the way.

I hope that you do it again soon and without him going through the spends... he is a bit out of order there. .. Hmm having said that my hubby is the same and he is the carer... perhaps they know of our secret lives of limousines and diamonds ... ha ha ,,some chance of that

You go out and please don't feel bad about it at all.

Best wishes

TN xx

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Listen Debbie, you've cared for Mark all these months and worked, and cared for your girls ................ get out and do some more shopping whenever you can ; you deserve some respite from time to time. :-/ x

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hi debbie if my wife goes away, even if its over night, i miss her like hell and just keep myself occupied.

like you she said she worries about me.

hope you didnt worry all the time and managed to have a good laugh.



We did thx Steve and yes mark kept himself busy also


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