Getting carried away

Getting carried away

Been out with grandkids for the day....oh boy am I tired now.

Decided to build a den in the woods. Well it started as just a few logs but the we may have got a little carried away.

It worked well and kept the rain off us and if the grandkids are not tired out I certainly am.

Think I enjoyed it more than them.....even worth the pain I am in now 


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  • Hi Pax, I think spending quality time with grandkids, nephews & nieces is probably one of the best if not the best therapy around. Over the past week I have spent some quality time with my nephew. When he was young we used to build dens, dam up streams on the beach in St Merryn in Cornwall. Bake together & do sleepovers. Now he is training as a medic in the Army he is helping ME now with my pain & depression & anxiety. I thank god I spent the time I did as I know it would be very difficult to do those things now, but I'm not ruling it out yet !! Lovely picture, thank you for sharing this its brought back some heartwarming memories for me.

  • Love it. 

    My first thought was the house at pooh corner. Expecting piglet and co to be in the picture.

    Take it easy today and enjoy the achievement

    Love n hugs


  • Oh I REALLY know about it today. Just spent about an hour under a red hot shower trying to ease my back.

    Was it really worth it.......YES is the answer. Feel like crawling back in  the den to hibernate.

    I have ir on good authority that it was a dinosaurs den. Well they are six now and are big girls so they say they are to old for poih bear.......until bed time anyway. Oh I do love them.

    Pax x

  • A lovely picture.  Yes, spending time with children is a great mood lifter, my niece and nephew cheer me up.  They so live in the moment, I capture the feeling too,. 

    You sound and by the picture you had a great time, and they will not forget the time you spent with them.  Hot bath and radox!

  • You do realise that given a chance most of "grown ups" would like to hideaway in there on times :-)

  • It was so peacefull layed in there.....just the sound of the birds singing......oh and grandkids munching their picnic.

    Could have stayed there .....what am I saying. I wish I was still there.

  • Fabulous :)

  • Yay ! I absolutely love stumbling on man made things like this on my walks : )

    Last Easter , local kids ( and maybe adults ! ) had made a 'natural  seat circle  with logs criss crossed between trees about 3 ft off the ground, in my local woods : )

    When comes the luxury tree house ? ! x

  • You been talking to my grandkids? They have already planned a tree house/ climbing frame for their garden.

    Looks like my summer is sorted this year. I see a veey painfull summee for me but a very very enjoyable one. 

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