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Hi everyone, I am Lucy. I have difficulty to express myself while talking. I just say something that doesn't make sense but they get the big idea of what I am talking about. I was worse but I got better by just trying and accept it. I never use to talk a lot. Sometimes, I say to myself that the reason why I use word in place of other and just compose sentences that doesn't make sense. Other time I say myself that is because I know English for only 3 years and it might happen again and over again. I don't have those difficulties when I am talking creole. But I do have that difficulty while talking french or English.

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Welcome Lucy. Considering English is not your native language you use it very well !

Why don't you tell us a little more about yourself, such as where you are living and what brings you to Headway. Look forward to talking with you soon. 😖

Best wishes, Cat x. 💐


Hi Lucy, welcome the more you try the better you will get and if they get the idea of what your saying you don't need to stress that your making no sense maybe you could use a translator app?


lucy, this may sound silly, walk around your house / flat talking to yourself and only speak to to people when you feel confident enough to do so.

in the mean time, use a picture board, or a laptop to communicate and dont worry about spelling mistakes, remember, einstein was dislexic,


Hi Lucy. I think you are coping wonderfully and the best thing is that you are trying. Good for you.



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