Brain not working today - struggling to read and co-ordinate body parts

Hi everyone

I've had odd moments since my post concussion syndrome last year, although everything improved massively compared to what it was, so I shouldn't complain too much.

Cognitively I am better than before, but I still get moments like today when I'm given a work project and find it hard to come up with the inspiration and lack any enthusiasm or motivation whatsoever with it. Also finding that my 'acquired dyslexia' still pops up every now and again doesn't help.

The other day I also had the most odd sensation upon waking up - like I literally couldn't remember anything about the whole wordl/facts about life/who I am etc and that my mind was literally 'stuck' and when I tried to think, it was like the thoughts were stuck and there was just blankness. Very scary and odd.

I also get the strangest sensations about my different body parts and their orientation to the other body parts - like my brain can't think of the position of my foot at the same time as feeling the sensation of my head.

I can't explain what I mean very well, so sorry if it doesn't make any sense. :-(

Does anyone else ever get any of these? The mind blank and amnesia moment was particularly odd and scary.

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  • Perhaps have a word with your GP NooNoo. I'm wondering whether you're having absence seizures and whether an EEG might be appropriate ?

  • I agree with Cat as that was my first thought as well that it could be complex partial seizures. Ditto the go and see your GP.

  • To some extent a lot of survivors get these days when nothing goes well.

    I too get random problems reading. I is almost like predictive text on a mobile, I see a word and my brain sees something else. I can read it several times and get the same wrong word then someone tells me the correct word and I see it. I have asked many specialists about this and all I have got is "sometimes that happens". Which doesn't relieve the frustration

    I also get the now how do I do this ? aspect. Sometimes, I will start something and go down the most convoluted route and then part way realise a much easier method.

    I used to get huge problems with route planning where I could see the start and end of a journey but couldn't work out what the middle looked like.

    It all seems to be part of the great mystery of having a head injury.

  • Thank you for your replies. I've often wondered whether I am vulnerable to some kind of seizures as last year at the peak of my post concussion, I had an awful jamais vu out in my street and it was really disconcerting. Never had it since, I'm pleased to say.

    I've only had the odd 'amnesia' moment once after waking up but it was the most peculiar feeling. It only lasted a few minutes but it seemed like an eterninty, and felt like everything I had every known had been wiped literally from my brain. Somehow I could still think and speak and understand things but concrete facts and bringing specific thoughts about things were completely absent - and trying to bring them to mind was like trying to wade through treacle.

    The funny body orientation sensations and difficulties only seem to happen when I'm v tired or trying to get to sleep, so perhaps it's more of a brain fatigue thing more than anything else.

    The problems reading will come and go for me, and it's like looking at a load of hiroglyphic symbols on the page. Very weird. I guess because I hit my head on the top, it affected my temporal and frontal lobes, which control language and writing processing etc, so that would explain a lot. Not great when I'm a copywriter...!

    My tardive dyskinesia (or functional neurological disorder as several neurologists have said!) from a stupid neuroleptic doesn't help either. Brains are funny things. Lack of understanding and empathy from so-called 'experts' frustrates me something rotten too! Grrr!

  • I'd still be tempted to ask for an EEG to rule out absence seizures. :o

  • I agree again with Cat. Partial seizures are not like grand mal seizures and you don't lose consciousness and drop to the floor having obvious seizures. They are more like what you are describing so best rule it out by having an EEG. Sometimes they only occur at night during sleep.

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