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Second Step Taken - Visited Headway

I visited Headway Thames Valley today to talk to Bob. My partner came along too as she has to put up with me and the identification of my behaviour, habits, reactions will help her help me.

We spent about an hour talking where Bob basically described just about everything I'm experiencing and also gave me some hope that I can learn to accept how I am now. A good tip he mentioned was that when I have an energetic day, try to not use all of that energy but leave some in reserve. This should prevent the 'wiped out' days from being so severe.

It all made perfect sense to me and also made me realise how lucky I am to be so 'lightly damaged' by the car crash compared to other visitors at the centre today. I'm able-bodied and have most of my senses, it's just that I seem to have a different (less) mental ability than before and because I am aware of and recognise that this is the case I am in a good position to work towards adjusting to it.

I also received confirmation of my appointment to see a neuropsycologist next Tuesday so things are gathering momentum. 😀

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Sounds like a good visit 👍

I remember folks used to tellme to stop before I was sore/tired/ frustrated etc. I just can't understand how you do that tho as I don't know I'm tired till I'm tired! I don't know I've done too much till I'm in agony or very very fatigued.

It sounds so simple to say stop before xyz but I'm afraid I still don't see how! If you learn that trick then let me know will you? 👌

I'm in bed after a hot bath waiting for meds to kick in and allow some relaxation and sleep. 💤


Dans: I'm like you, it's too late by the time I realise I'm already too tired and maybe haven't eaten too. HOW can I/we learn to DO IT RIGHT??? 9 years on I STILL keep getting it wrong,NOT learning. Please somebody enlighten us!


That's so cool. Well done for you acceptance of you situation. It's the hardest thing to get over! 😉😃


Hi ashj

It was the visit to the neuropsychologist that made the most improvement to my relationship with my wife as she explained what was happening to me and why.

Just got to get to grips with this 'pacing' malarky. Like you say you don't know you've done too much until after you've done it.

I'm not working at the moment so hoping these sessions with the neuropsychologist will give me the skills to be able to find something to do. Up until this started I was a driver by choice for work and pleasure and that has gone as has my ability to hold drumsticks so no longer do that either.

This forum has been a real lifeline for me as and when I'm feeling well enough to sit and type or eeven read.


Slight step backwards / sideways.

I went for the appointment with the neuropsychologist yesterday but it turned out to be a neurologist.

She said "You should have seen a neuropsychologist when you came out of hospital after the accident".

Eyes were rolling.

I said "Yes, I realise that but I wasn't in control of it and I thought you were that person".

Anyway, she's put me on the correct list I hope and I might hear something in 3 weeks.


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