Wherever you live and whatever you will be doing, I hope everyone has a good Easter with no problems - good weather would be great as well - I'm always happier if the sun is shining!

I'm off to a Quiz again tomorrow night a new english friend is taking me - that's a laugh I often know when I know the answer now I just can't remember most of them till the answers are given at the end! - but at least the quiz will be in English with other english people there as well as french.

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  • And a very happy egg day to you too!! Be good and take care


  • Happy Easter!!!!!

  • Kids are looking forward to the eggs tomorrow, especially my daughter who gave up chocolate for lent!

    I hope you all have a happy healthy day :-)

  • Hope your daughter enjoyed her Chocolate. I found out yesterday I won a huge chcolate hippopotamus in a local tombola - only problem I eat far too much chocolate night and felt quite ill - it was ark chocolate not milk! Thankfully am ok this morning. :-)

  • Hi Sambs, she was delighted with the chocolate but found that she could only eat a little!

    Your hippo sounds interesting though. A little each day for a while is just a perfect treat :-)

  • certainly is Danslatete - I def overdid it last night and suffered today - so gave it a miss :-) So happy your daughter was also delighted with hers. xx

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