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If you read a few of my earlier posts you will see the worries I have documented over the last six months almost. As a positive update, to give others a bit of hope, moving now to unaccompanied visits, allowed lunch out of hospital alone on Saturday and an overnight two day home visit for Christmas. I never thought that we would get to this in 2017 so keep your hopes up, miracles do happen!

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Lots of good wishes to you,and more joy..


Is always good to look back on any progress made to give yourself and others hope. I went through years of not having anyone in my life apart from my mum after losing my nan a year after my BI. As I’m still on ESA there was no where to meet anyone. Headway didn’t help as there wasn’t enough interest in things they planned so they got cancelled. I often worried how I would cope if I lost my mum as I only talk to her mate sometimes. I would of had no one to turn to nothing to do or anything.

This year I heard about a new BI charity that had been set up by a man who had BI in 2012 same as me, he went through far worse than me and eventually got through it and set up a BI charity to help others. I joined it in May and have had the best year ever with them. I’ve always hated running never wanted to start running, but now with encouragement from the staff there and personal training from the man who set charity up I’m now starting running and did a 5k run last week and got 10k in April.

The 10k is a run the man who set up the charity does every year to mark anniversary of him getting BI so it’s not a bad day for him he does this to show how far he’s come. Next year will be the first I’ve been involved in and if the 5k was anything to go by it will be tough but a great day to celebrate my biggest achievement.


I feel rather humbled reading your post and also very grateful for the recovery I've managed to achieve in I guess a relatively short space of time 2.5 yrs. Wishing you more continued success with your recovery and a happy Christmas/ New Year x


Happy Christmas and here is to a positve New Year for all of us, the only way is up!


Great news about your man's progress Avena. It'll be a source of encouragement and reassurance to others in the initial stages of a brain injury.

I hope you have all available support for when he's home full-time. I remember the relief of knowing my family no longer had the daily traipse to the hospital after work, but the final day on the rehab ward was very emotional ; like leaving a second family.

The best sort of Christmas present for you both I'm sure ! All best wishes for better & better days ahead.

Cat x


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