End the myth

I had a bad Easter weekend as i had the flu and i was invited to my sisters house for a meal with the rest of my family.

I felt so ill but the rest of the family had already suffered with a mild flu bug and chances are it was the same one (but it had evolved and was worse). Everyone knows you cant catch the same strain again.

I can hear every female saying "Man Flu".

Let me clear up this myth.

females only get a mild dose of a virus because their bodies wouldn't be able to cope with the full onslaught us guys get.

They think what they get is the same as what we get.

Im very surprised i survived the weekend and i had an ambulance on speed dial

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  • Lol either way get well soon

  • Man Cold' Debunked

    There's nothing in the medical literature to back up any difference in men's and women's colds, says William Schaffner, MD, infectious disease specialist and chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

    Researchers at The University of Glasgow studied nearly 1,700 people and found that men were more likely than women to overrate their common cold symptoms. The researchers theorized that men and women have different thresholds for perceiving and reporting symptoms, rather than actual differences in symptoms.

    That is, their cold symptoms were the same. But men and women responded differently to those symptoms.

  • :D

  • That response made me laugh catxx

  • Its a joke and wasnt meant to be serious. Lighten up

  • My response was just a tongue in cheek reply, I wasn't trying to be serious. 😉

  • MMmmmh! Me thinks we have a feminist revolutionary in our midst. lol.

    I fully support spidey man and seem to remember a similar medical report that confirmed 'man flu' is a medical reality.

    We, as poor 'males' have got to be careful on this forum because it would appear there are more female members than male, or at least more female willing to comment lol ;-) especially looking at the number recomending Lubi's reply.

    One worried wimp


  • I feel your pain spideyman. Man flu is tantamount to an extreme version of Ebola, yet we tackle it head on with hardly a whimper, despite the sniggers from any woman we see.

    I believe that there are steps afoot to award all men who survive the man flu battle with a war medal. Long overdue and will right a ring that we have been waiting too many years to see.

  • Hi Spideman

    Hope you are starting to feel better :-) Check your nutrients intake to see if they need adjustment. Along with man flu, men also have monthly hormonal cycles! Male PMS or irritable male syndrome is a response to a drop in testosterone.

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