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Ho all hope you are well :)

Well as you know we been in our new house 3 months now and what can i say we have had ups and downs

But we are settled

I just wanted to say i was looking at some old hospital letters and that i came accross one that was wriiten to the doctor

Was about scotts mri scan and it say he has cerebrovasculor diesese omg when was they going to tell us that ?

Never i think .scott is still struggling to get his licance back after it was revoked for 6 months a year ago

I have resigned myself to the fact scott is his own worst anemy and ita all about him

Last night i fell up the stairs as i have been having problems with my knees of late but hayhoo i didnt say i have hurt myself as i knew what he would say

But thats life onwards and upwards


Susan xx

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Hi I don't know you but hello ☺

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Pleased that life is slightly better for you. I hope it gets better and better and easier for you. Scott will possibly improve for some time yet. I know you have had a really rough time. Love and prayers to you x

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hey susan long time, great to hear from you though, dont forget your health is just as important as scots, gets those knees seen to.

oh one last thing, dont leave it so long next time.


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Hi steve

I do try am waiting for hospital to get in touch with me

Life seems so busy at mo what with scott and the 2 lads i have at home still

He got to go see esa assessment on the 10th

Am worried sick as scott has stoped his meds tells everyone he fit and ok lol

He still gets words muddled and slight confusion but its his walking he still very slow and with limp

God help us if they find him fit for work


susan make sure youve got all his medical history to back you up and go with him, take notes or record the assessment.

let me know how you get on

steve x


Hi I remember the licence thing took ages but worth it made me feel positive in my recovery wen I got it back

Just keep at it and keep positive


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