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back to the doctors today at 2pm


hi guys x hope you are all ok x

just a update things are now going our way as you know we live in Skegness and before that Mansfield ,we have been put on a A band for housing ,and guess what Sutton in ashfield have offerd us a house with down stairs wet room which is great ,shame Skegness couldn't offer us the same but at least we have everything on our door step in stead of being here with nothing

scott is still making slow progress which is better than none at all :}

anyway he is at doctors today and am worried they will say he is fit for work

his walking is still slow still gets very tired when walking his knees are still a problem as is his left arm speech is still muddled at times balance not so bad now he just carnt turn quick has to take his time

his moods are so awfull and still spends 60% asleep

I have been looking at our new house and things are such a short walk away so I will be able to get scott walking more so hoping that will inprove his walking

still no mri scan yet or stroke team made a complaint about the hospital and the doctor

nearly 10 months on and all he has seen is the OT

but hay onwards and upwards xx

susan x

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Hi Susan. It's good to hear your new home has better facilities and with amenities within walking distance ; that was such a big problem for you as I remember.

Have you considered contacting your local MP regarding Scott's lack of treatment ? It's surely gone beyond ridiculous !

What happened with the driving charges by the way ? xx

irishrose48 in reply to cat3

Still not heard owt on that one cat but no doubt we will sooner or later .hope you are well ? X well been given a 6 month sick note now

So hopefully we will be in the new house by then

Love to all x

Susan x

TiredNan in reply to irishrose48

Hi Susan, great news on the house!

I agree with Cat... please see your MP.. that is ridiculous waiting all that time on the doc. Thanks for the updates sending lots of love and best wishes

Nan xxx

irishrose48 in reply to TiredNan

Thank you x

cat3 in reply to irishrose48

Great news about the sick note Susan ; at least you've got some breathing space and hopefully it'll coincide with the move & settling in. Keep the updates coming missus.

Love & best wishes to you and Scott. xx

irishrose48 in reply to cat3

Thank you cat xx

I am so pleased to hear that at least one situation is being improved by the offer of a move to a house that is more suitable with access and amenities inside and outside in the surrounding community. Am relieved to hear that Scott has been given a further 6 months certificate so at least that worry is put aside for a while. I am so sorry to hear that the community follow up and therapeutic help for his cognitive and physical difficulties is so lacking. It is so very wrong, likewise i have had to raise complaints (which then take far to long to be dealt with), and which don't always get the outcome we need because it is such a postcode lottery of what is and isn't available to us. My thoughts are with you both because I can identify with everything being such a struggle to get through and the fight for services needed.

Should never have to be like it is but like you said the services arnt always here

Great news, that will make a huge difference and yes you can get Scott out more too! Very happy for you! xx

rose couldve been worse my love.........couldve sent you to mablethorpe hahaha !!!

irishrose48 in reply to steve55

Lol steve

all joking aside, as you say at least you dont have to walk miles now

fatigue is all part of it, as for the aggression the doc wanted to give me ant depressants, but i wasnt depressed, i had a choice of epilim or carbamzapine, both used for epilepsy but both good for mood swing, unfortunately i chose the wrong one, epilim piles on the beef

irishrose48 in reply to steve55

Scott is on mirtazapin

steve55 in reply to irishrose48

bloody ant depressant rose, one day up one day down.

to make matters worse hes going to pile on the beef which isnt going to help, my advice would be to go back to the docs and see if he can be weened off these and put on carbamazapine, which is used for epilepsy but can also be used for aggression and mood swings.

well things still going down hill we waiting for house to be ready as it is having major work done on it and to top it off I have now turned into scotts mother and not his wife am s sick of it all he shows no emotion to anyone at all :[ I have to do everthing myself even shopping its like he a zombie then I get told off when things arnt right and 9 times out of 10 am always wrong the only time he opens his mouth is to say about cars or his licence ,he wants me to insure the car and tax it so he can drive it I did tell him am not getting in till he has his licence back omg he was so nasty to me and right in my face I spend most of my time walking on egg shells now ,and as for wifey duties well what can I say its all about him same thing no love no emotion

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