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You might find this funny. I did

I attended a course a few years ago.

During the course the tutor gave us a coloured pen each and told us to write something POSITIVE about any person in the group.

Well this woman thought this would be an ideal time to slag me off.

On the board she wrote (in green) how she didnt like the way i talked and i was up myself.

I looked around to see who had the green pen.

I said to her "Thats not very nice for someone to write that about me".

She agreed and said it was awful.

I then pointed out it was written in green and she was the ONLY ONE with a green pen.


Moral of the story is dont try to outsmart someone who is smarter than you

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hi my friend am not being funny or anything I cannot work it out or understand that situation

you were in . please let me no whats the she wrong writing that about you.

and saying that no one should say that all you have been through all you have done for other

charitable causes you should have a medal .anyway good to have you on site eddie


What cant you understand?


Hi Eddie,

The woman was supposed to write something nice about someone. The woman didn't do that; she wrote something mean about Spideyman.

She thought nobody would know that she was the one who wrote it.

I'm sure that Spideyman appreciates your kind words for him.

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Thanks for explaining


why was this woman slagging you off. is she not well


She was fine. She just thought she could bad mouth me and nobody would know


I get it my friend . what a horrible person.


She was and seeing her run out the room crying was satisfaction

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Many years ago I was part of a very tight knit team of hyper intelligent people whom were street smart and articulate. Somebody higher up decided to have the team go through a three day psychoanalysis to see what made us tick and perform so well.

The psychologist they sent, lasted until lunch time on the second day before grabbing her handbag running out with full on tears., shrieking all the way to her car. On the final day, a huge behemoth of a guy arrived. He stood there and give us a general lecture for an hour didn't mention the previous days but ended by telling us we were too unconventional and dismissed us.

We never knew if we passed or failed the assessment ......

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Hello Spidey man yes I did find this funny - eventually. This stupid illness has dulled my brain but not my sense of humour. I wouldn't be the best person to sit in an audience watching a comic - the time lapse might interfere with his/her performance. Still that could be funny in itself. I can just picture it .............. pure unadulterated chaos - hysterical. Nothing like a damned good laugh even if it is delayed.


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