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Even normal people have off days


It seems a given that family don't seem to accept long term effects of a bi. Looking at recent posts it seems a common theme.

Anyone affected by a bi will know this and how it is a strain putting up with the added pressure to be normal again.

I have always said I don't want to be normal if being insensitive is normal.

Well us with bi get on with trying to live our lives and usually can put up with others opinions. But occasionally we don't and I think this is the reason for the recent post.

So can I suggest that there is nothing wrong with feeling frustrated in fact peeved even with people's ignorance of bi. That sometimes we also have off days.

So anyone feeling this way about family or friends just remember as the title suggest we to can have an off day......Just like normal people.

Yes you guessed it I have been having an off day with some of my loving family as well.

Right time to deep breathe and a darkened room.......Think I'll also count to ten ...maybe even twenty.


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Oh dear Pax................

I don't know where abouts you are, but I do know that tempers (of both myself & 'normals') have been seriously frayed with the intolerable heat.

And I'm in the NW where it's supposed to be cold & rainy, but it's been 30 degrees this last couple of days..............so heaven help those of you further down south !

Hope you'll be more chilled by this evening m'love !

(I'm only bearable to others as I've spent hours in front of a large pedestal fan....................... :D xx

paxo05 in reply to cat3

Hi Cat I'm over in south yorkshire.

I think the recent posts just hit a neve rather than the heat.

Just reacting to the common theme. Like you my skin has thickened......equal to an elephants I think.

I'm basically ok although the heat is great for my back but not helping with lacK of temp control.

Had to get a new fan ...... Yes I have a fan. Although found base is bust. Had to cobble an old one to the new one hey presto chiiiiilllllllleeed.

Let's all thick skinners unite.

Pax x

razyheath43 in reply to paxo05

I agree with you all i have had to button my lip a few times! And as you all know iam not the one with B.I!

Sorry the 'Thick skin' posts brought you down Pax. I often think of that daft football anthem when I'm feeling down ; it never fails to make me smile.......................... ;-) xx


cat3 in reply to cat3

Of course you might need to change some of the lyrics to make it your own ! Hope it brought some slight (silly) relief Pax. xx

paxo05 in reply to cat3

You are ok Cat it didn't bring me down. It got me on my soap box I think.


paxo05 in reply to paxo05

The lyrich are actually quite apt. Think it makes a good anthem.


cat3 in reply to paxo05

Ha ha .......................even more apt than I thought.

Keep up the good fight Pax ! ;-) x

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