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Does anyone remember getting their BI?

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Just wondering if anyone ever remembers getting BI? I got mine in a car accident I remember right up to a minute or 2 before the accident but not the actual accident. I was knocked unconscious but don't remember up to that point. I've also spoke to a few others and none remember getting BI. One woman said she did have memory of getting BI but it faded.

26 Replies
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Yes i do as it was an aneurysm that burst.

I even remember being in a coma and the NDE i had. (In fact i had 2 near death experiences)

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keeley24 in reply to spideyman

I remember being in coma wasn't aware that I was in coma at time tho. I just knew something very unusual had happened to me and I would find out when I got better.

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The girlfriend at the time made a tape and the music was on a loop.Everytime i hear 1 of the songs i get a shiver

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spideyman in reply to spideyman

She had a breakdown. Some people just cant hack it

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Hi Keeley,

Initially couldn't remember much about the day of my bi. Through cbt I was able to remember going to work in the morning then bits the following morning in the hospital but then a blank for about the first year of recovery.

I suffered from flashbacks for a while and through furthe therapy remembered the car pulling across in front of me. This settled the flashbacks but was never able to remember anything else.

Now comes a problem since my bi and talking to close family and doctors I have pieced together what happened in my accident and recovery.

These have become my memories or to be precise my "borrowed " memories.

It can be hard to separate the two at times and I have to think hard what are my own memories.

Like I have said I have no real memories post bi for about a year. I have argued with family that I never went to a party/family get together. Then they show a video of me there, but I honestly can't remember it.

I was told that I would probably never get my own memories back.


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Nope... not a hint of a memory about it - or the little while before it ( a week or so at least) and nothing since...

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no I remember going though the park gate on way to work, I remember noting that the batteries where starting to go in the bike light, and recognising a dog walker I used to see, that was the last solid memory I had, 1min3s later I stop suddenly from then on its to islands of memory, wishy washy fragile things some audio only all with out any idea as to time or date.

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no one no s I had 2 within 3 months and no1 said it wasn't just 2 severe traumas in 3 months

sis its called second impact syndrome I had to find it myself google it . also a puncture wound in my spine google that you'll be suprized. what it says .and I keep on telling people that my tiredness fatigue getting worse . I mean something not right .my blood pressure is extremely high getting results today . and you no . what will be will be . and im doing so much for others

and some don't care . im fed up im a good man and the comments I get I cant say I just take it .

you no what my friend . that's killing me . see I cant stand up for myself so all I want is to help others before me and I really do . my best and thank god I have my fellow sufferers .

and staff helpline call ladies and my brain injury case manager . but its not me causing me horrendous brain pain and so many spine problems im not a danger to anyone or myself

I just want to help others and some people think .im a fake thers nothing wrong with me .

its all there in mri ct consultant letters doctors . but I have a true gift I just except it and do the best I can . never got my flat very sad very sad. numb legs spine muscle s killing me . and they wont give me pain relief . but anyone can say what they want to me . negative my emotions are unbelievable and insread of getting angry I go the otherway it destroys my heart my feeling s

I do care for others more than me . I really do .bye my friend im typing on screen keyboard ,

so every letter is a click of mouse and just typing this 1 click a letter is so tiresome but worth it to me if it helps you my friend take care eddie

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No I don't all I remember is walking about the path to cross the road and then the next thing (a month later) Im in a bed being wheeled between ambulances from ICU to the children's ward but I didn't know where I was, who I was or what had happen

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spideyman in reply to bexx87

Sounds like a night on the booze when i was younger

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bexx87 in reply to spideyman

I wasn't drunk I was 13 and on my way to catch the bus to go to school but now if I get drunk I do blackout when I know Im safe at home

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spideyman in reply to bexx87

I never said you was drunk

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I'm going to be stupid sorry what's a BI ??

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RogerCMerriman in reply to Beppybutton12

It's not a stupid question, the answer is it's a Brain Injury

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Yes I do remember. Thought I would post as no -one else seems to remember. It started at work when things were just not making sense to me. Enough so that i was alarmed and decided I needed to go home and go to the doctor's. Drove to the doctors who immediatley directed me to hospital. Family took me to hospital and I then didn't drive for a year. Much of what happened next I can re-call, although there are times as my illness progressed and before I got a diagnosis ( which took over a week) where memory is blurred.

I do think that the brain protects us and without any scientific evidence, there is some process that happens which blocks the events which cause the trauma. Any way this does seem to be the case very often. Clare.

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Hi Beppy button

You are not stupid .BI = Brain Injury. It took me ages before I realised what it meant - you are not on your own with this.

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No. I was knocked out by fast sledging impact to the right of my head. Due to coma I have no recollection of the French hospital I was in.

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I also remember the hole they had to drill in my skull to save me life. There wasnt time for anaesthetics and it hurt like hell.

Horror film material and i still get a hot flush when i see a Black n Decker

Yes I remember I was sat at my desk at work when it happened ...a stroke.

Never occurred to me what it was and I didn't admit to anything being wrong for about 90 mins until my husband saw me and knew straightaway something wasn't right.

I didn't have what I call classic stroke symptoms and in hindsight I can see that I was very confused. I was also in complete denial for about a week thought all the doctors and nurses were barking mad to treat me for a stroke and couldn't understand why I was on a ward with all these poorly people.

Long term memory is fine but some days I can't remember what I did 5 mins ago.

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I think my mum was told when I got my BI that the brain forgets things to protect us from disturbing memories. For me I think it is best I don't remember my accident as obviously I would have been scared and I probably saw my dog get killed which would probably haunt me for life. I know he was thrown through my car window and hit by another car. I'm guessing I was unconscious tho as I would have tried to save him which could of meant we both got killed. So being unconscious probably saved my life.

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Yes, sadly I remember the whole experience which has caused me further problems...I think I would have preferred it if my memory swiped it away as it does with a lot of other things nowadays! (My injury was also from a car accident)

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no only meeting the surgeon who was going to remove the avm apart from a few silly things that may have happened or dreamnt I was going home 6months later for Christmas with my children when I asked my consultant why this was he said it was the brain protecting its self by wiping out this nasty episode

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Yep, I remember it.

It was March or even early April1996 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

I was 11 at the time, spent 3 weeks in hospital, had 2 operations on my head and a couple of weeks after I was released was my 12th birthday.

And that was not the end of the operations either. More to come.

I'm all good right now though so I hope that I have no more operations on the way.

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I remember my rollover car accident vividly. I can taste the dirt in my mouth as the car rolled over three times. I crawled out of the overturned car and watched the firefighters cut my wife out of the car. We were transported to the hospital and I don't remember the next 6 weeks during which I had half my skull removed because of the brain swelling. They didn't know if I would live or not. When I awoke, I spent the next two months in a rehab facility. I'm at home now, feeling crummy (the crainioplasty to reinsert the skull piece was last December) and next month it will be a year since the accident. Hang in there.

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I remember being at work then getting an awful headache and suffering through the pain. my left arm was weak I kept dropping objects with my left hand, I kept tripping over my left foot and stumbling (if only I knew the signs at the time)

Driving home from work was difficult I struggled using gear stick with my left hand and using the clutch with my left foot. (Notice a pattern?) I got home went to bed with an awful headache then woke up in ICU one week later after having brain surgery to drain the blood from a massive bleed. I remember lots from my six months in hospital; learning how to sit up again, talk, walk etc.........

I remember the hallucinations because of the morphine and being told off for eating chocolate before Haha!

And ten years later here we are!

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I do not remember getting my BI as I was assaulted, knocked out from behind, and was unconscious while they severely kicked my head. I ended up in hospital where they did a scan which revealed my BI.

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