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Today is none bi day

Yes thats right I have just realised today is none bi day. A day when we are all the same.

Its commonly known as budget day. !!!!!

Like I said a day when we are all as confused as each other. So kets thank the government for letting everyone feel like someone with a bi for a liitle bit while they sort out if they are better off or not.

Well it confuses the hell oyt of me ....but then again so does making a cup of tea somedays.

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I don't feel confused Paxo ; just depressed .................as anticipated.

Tories are still robbing the poor to ensure the rich enjoy their leisure.

One quote on the ITV News last night said it all ; we're a nation of 'Have nots and Have Yachts' !! xx


For once they have told the truth. They did say i" it would be a better Britain and WE would be better off " .

Its just a pity he was only talking about himself and not the rest of US !!!!

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Yep Paxo ; that sounds about right.

Don't want to get political but re. the minimum wage increase to £9-odd per hour in 2020........................Amidst the congratulatory back-slapping for this 'generous deed' where's the mention of inflation by the time we reach 2020 ??


Oh and so many more gripes.............................................. :-( :o


But they are increasing it a little immidiately........next April ??......glad they decided to act fast !!!!


Hard working families....hard working folk....blah blah blah.....idk what to say....apart from we are screwed over more and more...I can feel my benefits trickling to the rich as we speak.


Ohh! That was the chancellor was it? I thought it was Mr Bean, certainly made as much sense.

It always seems the helping hand for the most vulnerable is always the first to shrink the take hand just gets bigger.

There was a comment in the media that I'd already said to the Pam (my wife), all those out there moaning YOU voted them in. BUT did they?

Refusing to vote because didn't agree with anyone is why they got in.

Dickensian Britain here we come!

Trouble is there are very few chimney's left to send the tiddlers up to sweep them out.

I agree there are too many 'false' claimants but the vast majority are genuine but tarred with the same brush. The assessment's and tests and forms that they use are a waste of time because the genuine will be honest and fail while the false are damd good liars and actors in the first place so they will always pass.


Ah, the wonderful tax credits, that we were paid in error, then a call from HMRC demanding the excess be returned in full, resulting in a cycle of massive overdraft, debt, and more debt.

I'm lucky, I have a job that pays more than minimum wage, and I'm still fit enough to do it, my son is predicted to ace his A-levels, but with the changes to university funding, he'll be paying back his tuition fees, and associated debts until he's 90, likely meaning he'll be as badly-off as anyone without a degree.

It sucks.


happened to my parents also with tax credits.

irresponsible government to escalate tuition fees; to escalate them in the way that they did, and without parents having had a chance to prepare.

will the government realise or admit at some point in the near future that whereas before there may have been a surplus of graduates, soon there wont be enough upcoming

i'm not sure if the average 2.4 kids family will be at least £1500 p.a. down with tax credits going.


It's disgraceful, and I'm now frantically looking at grants he might be eligible for, first child in the whole family to attend university, or his chosen specialisms potentially being sponsored...

It was bad enough with the NEET targeting, streaming kids who had no hope of accessing university into pointless FE courses, just to keep them off the streets/benefits route, but now we'll have a cohort of youngsters, at the end of their A-levels, with nowhere to go. They'll then be 'over qualified', and 'under experienced' for pretty much any job they apply for.

Does anyone want to buy a kidney? I think they still work.


re. kidneys, there;s a thought.

it is sad for students who understandably feel that they cant take on the debt at such a tender age.

i hope that you do turn up some potential grants in your search. its so admirable for students and parents who face this head on , for students to face this and deal at such a young age, there must be a strength there for students to contemplate it. i wish you all the best

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But hey don't worry ATOS is no longer an Americian organisation called Maxomisus or some thing like will save us! PIP implantation equates to a better quality of life for us with disabilities. This was script read to me over the phone the other day. I received the dreaded brown letter, stating I am to be assessed for PIP after receiving DLA for 3 1/2 years. I have to see a doctor too. yah I cannot wait !

I am waiting for my back payment of this large sum to buy a lovely house in the med, which the heat will improve my spascitity !!!

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HI Sem,

I think that this constant re-assessment of people who so obviously have a non-reversible condition or condition that can only deteriorate with time is absolutely perverse.

There is a person locally who's condition can only deteriorate has been given 2 yearly assessments to prove eligibility to claim despite having to be hand fed, bathed by carer etc.

They want to save money then the cost of these assessments and accompanying paperwork, secretarial staff etc. on such obviously deserving cases must totally wipe out any gain made by reduced benefits for others, especially as they are carried out by private, profit and target orientated companies because the NHS doctors refused due to the possible detriment to their patients health!

IBS, sorry, IDS cheering at the new harsh attack on the poorest and most vulnerable in society was sickening in the extreme!

One paranoid, depressed, anxious and stressed



very well expressed.

i ve not seen any other political party trying to tackle this particular gross injustice; labour party where are you?

owen jones is the only public figure ive seen years ago with the guts to point out to IDS the unmitigated suffering that he has caused.

i dont stress as much as i used to about being re assessed , which i am being atm, i cant say what brought my stress level down some (still fairly high) but i think i know

reading your last sentence i was thinking this is absolutely not what we survived brain injury for .

though i do admit to thinking drop dead george osborne and its a pity that someone doesnt have the guts to gun ian duncan smith down. many people think it.

if you are going to be reassessed theres a couple of online resources benefitsandwork.co.uk i think is the best imo. get the downlaodable guides though, by paying a small subscription fee.

my MP helped to get my cousins benefit reinstated.

having said that its the weekend , i wont stress about these matters at the weekend unless i absolutely have to (just my way of dealing).

i can empathize with you , but take it easy


Couldn't agree more about Owen Jones ; he's my absolute hero & should be in amongst labour parliamentarians showing them how it's done !!

Oh & I also share your view on IDS, Osborne & co. with a vengeance. :-(


Thanks for reply . I shouldn't have brough tmy sentiments re. ids up tho folks especially at the weekend. Just Saw Wimbledon moved me to tears, never done that before! Hope everyone can appreciate the weekend in some way.


re. your last sentence, dont let them do that to you

take care


Totally agree with all your comments! It is sickening!

I am in the first process of PIP, which apparently all I needed to do was to call and inform them of my address, GP, and NI number . If I did not call by 21 July my DLA would ceased. I called, half an hour later, a man who asked me a great many more questions, I became very confused and stressed. He stated he would 'give me a mini break' and call me back. Two minutes later he called again, had to pass security questions again before proceeding with many more questions. Have I improved, maybe a little, but on a bad day, I cannot walk.

I am sorry to hear you are anxious and stressed. The system does not help

Take care Sporan c


Have a look at benefitsandwork.co.uk subscribe for a small fee and download guide to pip. Try to give yourself as much of a break as you can frm thinking about dwp though


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