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I'm new to this type of thing

I posted a message about my PIP experience, But I would like to include a second message about the effect that BI has on the family. My wife, who is also my carer, gets a lot of grief from me, not because I want to torment her, but because I don't realise I am upsetting her - does anyone else have a problem post BI recognising emotions, how do you cope? - how does your family cope?

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Hi there.

Depending on where the bi is depends on what problems you may have.

Part of my bi is front right lobe. This affects my emotions. My initial reactions to someone are not always the correct response or the ones I intend.I end up freezing if someone hugs me , which causes them to think I am cold and emotionless.

This is far from the truth as I cannot trust my automatic reaction to be the one I mean. Also I can sometime appear cold to my wife when I am tired.

Over the years we have hot used to this and have learnt to notice when I an givIng a reacton I do not mean.

I can also say things in a way that can be taken the wrong way.

Emotions are a mine field and you may need help adjusting to them.



Mine is more in the middle and on the left side. It's probably about 1/3 of the infarction.

My emotions are all over the place.


Yes very much I find it much harder to read people and I’m much less tolerant of what are often little things really!

It’s the primary reason I’ve gone back to get the Rehabilitation which I missed at the start of all of this!


brumatmed yep, i say something and i dont realise, thats because the filters, ie our thought process no longer worksso our thought process is our tongue. im the same in the street and supermarkets, but my wife has learnt my triggers and found ways to distract me.


How do I put this politely ... I go psychotic if I get rubbed up the wrong way and drown in a pool of tears in the toilet as I explained everything yesterday luckily I have having tomorrow afternoon off to bring my week off forward and Im having an argument with my neighbour on top of everything in work


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