How long will this last?

Hi everyone. I had a serious car accident 10 weeks ago. One of my injuries was two serious contusions at the front of my brain. I keep having dizziness and lose my balance if I put my head backwards or if I bend down. The doctor says this is normal whenever recovering from my injuries but I wanted to know if anyone else has gone through this and if so how long did the symptoms last?

Many thanks

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  • Your brain has suffered an injury and no one can say how long this will take to recover from or if you will recover completely.

    Time and rest will be necessary to allow your brain the best chance of recovery.


  • Every injury is different and ever case has a different recovery time. Take it easy, try not to get ahead of yourself and please be patient. You will get better in your own time and if you are at all worried, talk your doctor or specialist and take as much advice on board as you can.

    My very best wishes,


  • As the others have said everyone is different. Not much help I know but be patient and let yourself recover at YOUR own time...Oh and try not to bend forward or backwards to much.

    The recovery may seem to take ages but when you look back you will be suprised at how well you have done.


  • lynnepitt did you have a scan? keep being a nuisance

  • Hi Steve, yes I had several ct scans at the time. I hadnt realised how dizzy and off my balance was until I started getting around a bit more in the house. I had to have major surgery as part of my bowel burst in the accident too so it's only in the last couple of weeks I've been more mobile and am really noticing it now and it's concerning me.

  • lynnepitt and your neurologist said everything was ok?

  • My consultant said I'd had two serious contusions at the front of my brain and the dizziness etc was in line with recovering from this but if I also started with headaches, blurry or double vision or vomiting I was to contact them immediately. I'm glad to say I haven't had any of those thankfully.

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