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My mac has a password manager, and will remember passwords for me, unless it is a banking site or other secure site. In fact I just looked into what it has saved, and it has literally well over a hundred sites. It will even suggest obscure passwords, that will automatically be saved in my mac, and hand held device. For example r5G#lkG7$rdf18 Unfortunately Health Unlocked does not work wt it. For some reason, my mac treats this site, like it's an extremely secure, or banking url. Since I have some memory problems, and Headway specifically deals wt head injuries, I wish that this site would allow passwords to be saved. I then specifically chose a very easy password, that I could enter. It works for about 3 weeks, and then suddenly it stops working. It was a general password that I have used before password manager even existed. I have requested and reset my password wt Health Unlocked, probably more then 3 times. What is up wt your site?

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  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you're having problems with the site. Please could you report this directly to HealthUnlocked through the email link:

    They should be able to work with you to resolve the problem.

    Best wishes,


  • I'm guessing that somethings probably a little screwy wt my account, that causes my password to have to be reset after every so many weeks. I wrote them, thanks. Still I have no idea, why my mac doesn't even offer to save my password on this account, when it has on over 100 hundred others. Perhaps this site, does have security as strong as a banking site, but only when your using a mac? Or possibly the problems are related.

  • It saves my password okay... but I am not using a Mac

  • headway is HTTPS but lots are, I assume your using Keychain? thats the built in password manager.

    No problems with firefox via a Keychain plug in on the laptop nor Safari on the ipad. it just works sorry to say.

    you know you can look at the passwords? rather than getting passwords reset?

    Applications/utilities/keychain access

    clearly you will need to know your user Password, or it will not give access.

  • sorry to hijack thread but Roger sounds like you have IT wisdom. I don't unfortunately so muddle through. I recently got Ipad and use keychain but didn't know I could use it in none Apple things. Would it work on google chrome on Samsung laptop and phone.

  • Sorry keychain is a apple technology, fairly sure most browsers can remeber passwords etc. chrome being google uses a cloud based tech -

  • I'm not new to macs, and I understand how the keychain operates. Again, my mac remembers a ton of sites names, and passwords. Just not this site. I just went through 5 steps recommended on a macworld website, to fix a funky keychain. I don't think it's a keychain problem.

  • So normally it just auto logins in yes

    And then When it forgets the password if you use the password To login from the iPod's saved password that doesn't work either?

    If so yes it's some issue with healthunlocked Site.

  • Also how come, about every month, I have to change my password. I always use the same exact password, that I type in. I have it saved in my iPod, just to refer to and make sure I'm entering it correctly. Then every month suddenly it won't work.

  • Thanx Roger, As far as my iPod remembering login data for this site, it won't. But does fine wt every other site though. The only thing I didn't do is reset my keychain. I didn't do that, because I don't want to loose, my other login data. There is a way to retrieve it from your backup, but I didn't feel adventurous enough to do that. Also it would probably have been fruitless endeavor. I don't know if my individual account, has problems, or if it's the site itself, but I'm fairly sure the troubles on this end.

  • if you manually log in does it work? when it hasn't auto logged in?

  • It manually lets me log in for approximately 3 months. Then suddenly my account password always fails, almost as if my account has been compromised, and I have to reset my password.

  • How very irritating!

  • I just realized that farther above, I wrote that my password fails every month. It's actually every couple of months, but varies, so I can't put an exact number on it.

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