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Symptoms of Head Injury - how long do they last?

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Hi I'm new here. II fractured my skull in a fall at the beginning of December. I fell on to tiled flooring and cut the back of my head open. Do'nt remember much until paramedics arrived. Had CT andMRI scans and fracture with contusion was diagnosed. Although I feel much better I'm still not right! Smell and taste are very poor, still getting dizzy spells, pain at back of head when bending an site of wound is still very sore. Concentration is poor, I have ringing in my ears and am always tired. I am signed off on the sick til 16th Feb. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and how long these symptoms last? I am a teacher and at the moment facing 30 children daily and the associated work load seems daunting.

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It is early days, the brain does take time, I know it's not what your likely to want to hear, but bare in mind that the brain doesn't heal as such. that doesn't mean that you will not get your concentration back and such, but it's not always so.

no bleeds on the brain? thats promising, I improved a lot in the first few months, though for myself (I had bleeds on the brain) I have been left with cognitive impairments.

Unfortunately, after effects of brain injuries are notoriously difficult to predict ; even the specialists usually refuse to speculate. There are so many variables such as age, degree of damage, general health etc.................and probably a few 'unknowns'.

But you can assist your recovery by abiding by the general rules of resting regularly, keeping well hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. (The hydration is SO important).

It remains to be seen whether such an early return to work is do-able ; don't be disappointed if you're still not ready by the 16th.

The dizziness, taste/smell issues, and pain from internal bruising (all common symptoms) can often take months to resolve. But some scenarios are very different, so it's usually a matter of 'wait & see' I'm afraid.

I hope you're one of the lucky ones who makes a swift return to normality ! Best wishes, Cat x

Each case is different; I suffered an extremely bad TBI due to no crash helmet in 1967 [not required by law then]. The effects on me not drastic; left epileptic, spatial awareness not all it should be, slight short term memory problems and I don't always see things as they are. Depression and anger are a problem but I bite my tongue now.

Other persons I have met have suffered less damage for theit TBI and are not able to work, process things, vision, taste, hearing and sense of time all gone. Stutter for words and make wrong decisions ... then add fitting, rages and deep depressions.

There is no rhyhm of reason to this in short.

Hi there,

My husband had a head injury 4 months ago and has been told by local brain injury team not to return to work before April.

It's so important that you rest as much as you can when you feel tired go and lie down if you don't then you will take longer to recover. If the doctors have checked your ears and they are ok then ringing should hopefully go within the next month. Also with the dizziness might be worth seeing a physiotherapist to see if you've got bvp. .The tiny stones in your ears may have been knocked out of place which can cause dizziness. It's simple to fix :)

Look after yourself Sleep As much as you can :)

Have a look at the headway e books on brain injury. Each injury is different and the older you are the longer it takes to recover in general. If you are in doubt about something, do ring the headway helpline and they can give you advice.

Hope you get well soon,

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