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doctors with scott

well went to the doctors today as they have revoked his licanse again as there was no more reports only the old ones and the letter said see your gp so off we went and doctor told him he need to nerology and mri scan then they can say he was not happy at all with this was scott so he tried the next best thing he got very mouthy and aggressive towards the doctor I didnt know were to put my face I was so shocked normally its only me he is like this too.

I did tell him he hasn't done himself any good but I wont tell you what he said to me :{ and as you will know we are moving tomz back to our home town Sutton in ashfield,so scott has now said he not going he staying here,this is all I ever get he acts like a bloody 5 year old me me me that's all I hear,well am sitting at home now on tender hooks waiting for the next outburst as I know there is going to be one his face says it all

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Oh I know how you feel about his behaviour. We were in the coffee shop with friends this morning and there were a group of mums and one day with a lot of very noisy toddlers. My husband decided they were making too much noise and went and got very aggressive with them and nearly caused a fight. It was so over the top, a polite request to keep the noise down would have been fine. I don't know what to suggest to you as I am dealing with the same problem. Do you think with Scott it is frustration? Be very careful that he doesn't take his aggression out on you physically, that has happened to me and it is so dangerous. Do take care.


He does take it out on me and no he been like this since the BI


Well then you be careful, verbal aggression can become physical. My husband put me in hospital with broken ribs, broken collar bone, ruptures, heamatomas, just because his 'bad' brain took over when he got over stressed. There is a very fine line between verbal and physical aggro. You should not have to put up with this. Maybe he needs some meds to help keep him calm. Obviously there is no way he should be driving with moods like this.

Do take care, the stress of moving could make him even worse.

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Oh Susan, your stress levels must be off the chart. It's just horrible having to keep your head down & mouth shut to avoid aggression.

Maybe keep as much emotional distance as possible from Scott (pretty difficult when house-moving) but you need to save your energy for practical matters ; moving is stressful enough even when the atmosphere is good. .

Perhaps he'll come to see that an MRI is the only route to getting his license back and just have to get on with it.

You know all this of course m'love. I just want you to know I'm thinking of you. Good luck for tomorrow ; let's hope the change of environment will help you to feel less isolated and give you back some control. Thinking of you Susan..............xx


Thank you cat3 x but I really feel like I could do him some harm after today I know it's not him but the BI going to sit and have cuppa z


Couldn't your doctor suggest ways to cope ? Have you discussed this latest outburst ? Don't be embarrassed....doctors should be well versed in how b I affects emotional lability and anger.

Have you seen neuro rehab team...can they help ?

Hope you are "ok"


I know what iam about to post may well sound harsh! However,as amazing as we all are B.I pepole or partners of peolple with B,I As a partner,And you as a partner,we didnot sign up for this! I know that life takes unexpected turns,and that B.I is so unpredictable,but if you meet someone who already has issues fine you know the deal,but us partners didnot! If he isnot helping himselfand you are doing the best you can,then rember you didnot sign up for this! Clearly you are trying to stay strong,time has a limit. Take care of you,what do you want? Raz


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