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cbd oil

hi everone ive had enough and im going to try CBD oil . az advised by a lovely member #

its legal so the question I would ask is . you no them things people use to stop smoking .

like a vap pen which is the best way for me to get the cbd oil that you can use with cigarettes pack in thing and yes I would like a bit of thc in it that makes you laughing only a bit so its .confuseing for me to understand what I need for the stop smokeing devise and is or can you put cbd oil into it vape pen I don't understand how this works and im giving up smokeing cause early stages of copd need to stop tobacco asap don't drink never 3 years now could someone plz explain to me what I have to do .yes there's

details my bi I cant understand or take it it in. it makes me tired . and my bi can only take a few things in which is hard but I except it . thx eddie

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Hi Eddie. I've copied a link to a reputable supplier of vape oils and pens :-


CBD vape oil does not contain THC as THC is an illegal substance.

Cat x


Hi Eddie,

I have used CBD gel capsules and they didn't really do much for me. My health is in pretty good nick now anyway, I like to think it is, and I put that down to changing my diet and eating more naturally now. More fruit and veg :).

So when I say the CBD did not do much for me, it may have been doing some good for my body but heaven knows what.

I have heard from other people who have tried CBD oil that it has helped get rid of pain and aided there sleep.

As for vaping, I'm not totally clued up on that but these electronic cigs have a sponge-like tube inside which soaks up the oil. My mum used to have one. And I think you just adding a drop of oil to the sponge as the taste gets weak? I don't know if that's right, don't quote me on that :).

According to some folk, the hit from the CBD is stronger by vaping.

Take care,


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