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Am I the only person on here who is utterly baffled by certain aspects of the internet?

I give you... Twitter.

I just don't get it and resolutely fail to try. Anybody who is anybody uses it apparently, thus possibly sealing my desire to not even bother trying to understand it. I seriously just don't get the allure, so to speak. The queen, EVERY professional footballer, Phillip Schofield, The President Of The United States, et al, all letting you know what they think of the weather and when they're off to the toilet.


Is it stubbornness brought about by the BI that makes me fail to grasp certain things?

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  • I don't get it either Andy. Don't know what all the fuss is about. Have never been on it or looked at it.

    I'm told I'm stubborn too! We manage without it so why bother. Don't do Facebook either.Just a load of hype to me or twatter lol!


  • My thoughts too, I won't use Facebook either.

    My daughter, the one in London, she works for a think tank, I don't get that either!, tweets she has to as part of her job. It keeps people updated on what's going on with the company she works for.

    It's an alien world to me, she has followers, one of her sixth form tutors as a matter of fact, is one. Her think tank is called The New Local Government Network and they work with local government to help them implement policies, run events with government ministers as speakers things like that.

    If you search NLGN on Google, if you are interested, it tells you more.

    A strange new world to me. Janet xx

  • Have no comprehension of Twitter either and don't use it.

  • I feel the same about face book and blogs - why would the world want to know what you had for breakfast!!

    I don't see the point in any of them, we have email, texts, phone calls and good old fashioned paper and pen, surely they are adequate?!

  • No idea about twitter kik and Skype snapchat etc I don't want to know either. I got a book called I pad for dummies from my kids but I still only go on my apps and email.

  • I find little use for Twitter but see my previous thread on #StopAbleism2015 for a rare possible use. The other use I've found it to hassle politicians, often an issue isn't important enough to warrent a letter or an e-mail but a Twitter post to them can let them know your views.

    Mostly it's just people who can't shut up even when nobody is in the room :)

  • I get confused with all of it. Easier to pick up the phone than send a text - but more expensive. Tried Twitter but too confusing and hard enough just doing emails. But when I'm tired easier to type than talk and with memory probs better to have a record. But I'm in chaos and left behind with ALL of it, feel like a dinosaur.

    Wondered whether to get smartphone but afraid I'd just drop it, dropped my flip-close one loads, the back falls off but at least it still works. And I buy stupid things, afraid to waste my money. And so hard to learn to use new anything, I'm such a dumbo.

    Prefer a phonecall from friends to a text. A nice letter or postcard from friend/family is lovely. HATE bills and marketing stuff and anything complicated.

    Good electricity company today sent me letter to read my meter, did, then their auto phone info was so nice and clear = think I've done it right, hope so. SO nice if can actually do something myself and not fail or mess up. Wish (IF I've done it right) it could all be that easy! Tried to ring them, speak to a person to say it was good/easy and thank them but on auto couldn't seem to get a person (just machines) to thank!

  • I tried Facebook for a few weeks but what a relief it was to click on 'Delete account'.

    Moronic, irritating, pointless . . . . . . .. . just some of the descriptions coming to mind !

  • it's only worth paying attention to folks you know/like. I know most of the folks I follow/friend on twitter/facebook. ie could pop over for a cup of tea, some might require a very long drive but the point still stands.

    there are others about but unless the people I like move off twitter/facebook I have no intrest.

    ie i'm intrested in the people than the tech.

  • Have a facebook account that I hardly ever use-had a friend request from someone in the USA that appears to belong to a religious group?No idea who they are and do not share their views so totally flummoxed.Forum conversations move too fast and too many people involved for me to remember who or what.As to twitter-its not even on my radar !I don't even have a mobile phone-my sister thinks I should in case of emergency and I do see the logic but doubt that I would remember to carry,charge it.Guess I'll take my chances-managed 46 years without one ! : )

  • I'm not a tweeter either, but one thing I have found it's brilliant for, if you have any problems with something you have or a rubbish service you've received, tweet the company. They don't like it when thousands of people could actually see it and will help you out :-)

  • I have a Twitter account, I think, but never use it. Thinking of that I might have deleted my account. I use Facebook more. I was invited to use Facebook years ago but didn't use it much. All you could really do on there at the time was throw a sheep, and bitch slap your friends haha. There is a lot more to do on Facebook nowwith certain apps and games which does make it moderately more fun. I've got to admit that when I started using this forum more, I started using Facebook less. Facebook is deemed as a"social network" but I do not see it as a social network at all. I have around 50-60 friends on there, I think. Most of them are from school. Well, I say friends, they were in school but now they appear as cold as ice, they hardly talk to me. So what is social about that? I have American friends on there as well, they probably put more effort in to talk to me. I don't really know why but people I have not met face to face speak to me more on Facebook, I find that rather queer :). I think the "friends" list should be renamed to the "acquaintence" list really.

    I used to watch a bit of This Morning and got confuzzled when Holly Willoughby was asking people to make a tweet with the hashtag #whatever. I was thinking "What the hell is that?", now, you see it everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised is Stephen Hawking has got a twitter account. I just think people who use it are complete tweets :).

  • I have to admit to using facebook but only with people I actually know in real life and face to face and then mostly to keep up with the events they get involved in. Also find that the messaging function on face book is quicker and easier than e-mail.

    I am always amazes at how many 'friends' that some on facebook seem to have, 200, 300 and upwards.... REALLY? Don't think so.

    Hate the abusive comments that appear and as for the links I totally ignore them.

    Twitter? Not even looked at it and see no point in broadcasting to all and sundry any personal issues or if the colour of Camerons tie is appropriate. Leaves me stone cold. As for the Queen apparently she pressed the wrong button and the account is run and monitored by staff... how quaint don't you know.

  • Twitter's great for the latest news, job opportunities, sports updats etc... just have to follow people you're interested in.




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