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Post concussion syndrome..CBD oil?

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Hi all, I'm new to all this! I firstly wanted to say how strong so many of you on here are! I'm struggling after just 2 months with post concussion syndrome, which I know is nothing compared to some of the major issues discussed on here. But I'm hoping someone can help, so here goes!

I have recently been diagnosed with PCS following a car accident 2 months ago. I was diagnosed with whiplash and concussion 5 days after the accident (when my symptoms started). I was referred to an osteopath and put on naproxen and codeine to help with my headaches and neck pain. The naproxen damaged my stomach, I was taken off it, put on omeprazole to heal the stomach and amitriptyline (20mg) to help with headaches (my worst symptom by far). Following an eye test I've also been referred to the royal eye infirmary because the floaters in my eyes have worsened majorly since the accident.

The osteopath and at home exercises really helped with the physical issues (was unable to move my neck for about 2 weeks). In the mean time, the omeprazole provided some not so wonderful side effects! So I was taken off them (thank god!) I was referred to a&e last week by my doctor for an assessment to see if I needed scans on my head. After 5 hours there, they diagnosed me with PCS.

I'm waiting for referral by my doctor to a clinic which can help with PCS (think it's a medicine rehabilitation clinic?) After around a month on 20mg of amitriptyline the doctor has upped it to 30. It's only been 5 days since that so can't comment on the effect yet I guess (so far no difference to 20mg, still have to take pain killers every day). I have also started massage therapy as I've heard it can help with headaches/relaxation.

My main symptoms are headaches (which I have about a 4 year history of as well), severe noise/light sensitivity, lack of concentration, issues with memory, irritability and lightheadedness.

My ultimate question I guess is does anyone have any advice on what else to try? I've seen people recommend CBD oil which I would really like to try but I have no idea where to start with it (strength etc). So if anyone has used this successfully, advice on where to start would be great!

Thanks for listening!

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I'm unsure which symptom you looking for CBD to help but this link gives information regarding it's beneficial properties and dosage:

I'd seek advice from your GP, as your medication may make CBD use a risk. For example I'm epileptic and take medication and whilst CBD has been shown to help with seizures there is concern about how it may interact with epilepsy medication therefore I wouldn't try it.

Everybody is different, but for me rest was needed. Sounds like you are getting good support from your doctor, unlike me.

Try not to rush to heal and only change one thing at a time, if you are lucky you will have a coule of months then start to see changes.

Unfortunately the floater do not go away, apparently one notice them less but I am still having problems.

I have not tried CBD oil, just dark chocolate and up'd my oily fine in take. Also some green tea, but I get fatigued from about 14:00 hrs onwards an need to rest.

CBD oil reduced the seizures (mild dissossiative) I was experiencing to zero allowing application for return of driving licence, so I thoroughly recommend the product, I use the Purple Edition from CBD Brothers, 4/5 drops in a teaspoonful of honey before bed, its trial and error I'm afraid as were all different, good luck.

Due to a rather adventurous (or mis-adventurous) life I have quite a number of injuries including a TBI and a broken neck. I was given Amitrytptaline to compliment the CoCodamol is was taking.

amitriptyline is a nero inhibitor and in higher doses acts as an anti depressant. Whilst the majority of people start reeling away when you mention anti depressant, they are a key component in helping the brain get some breathing space to develop new neuro pathways which will help alleviate the symptoms of the PCS. For some people the amitriptyline helps encourage a good sleep routine which will also helps with the PCS

The amitriptyline will also help ease the problems with any other joint pain you have.

I would try continuing with the amitriptyline as it is quite mild compared to some of the other alternatives

Try the new product from New Leaf Pharmaceuticals called Rhinodol CBD Nasal Spray. I'm told they are using this at the collegiate sports level. It has the highest absorption of CBD on the market.

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