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hi you may remember a couple of weeks ago i stopped taking my statins as the muscl pain in my left arm was really painfull wel since i stopped taking the statins i have had no muscle pain at all thi is all linked to nerve damage after my stroke nearly three years ago now . i have also reduced my dosage of gabapentin the constant joint pain is a side effect of this pain killer ironic isnt it a pain killer gives you more pain and also a very worrying side effect of gabapentin is total organ failure now they nrver told me that i wonder why

i have also come across canabis oil tablets which can be bought legaly in this country and are well known pain killers without the addictive side effects ,im thinking of trying this i know this will not sit too well with some prople but being in pain 24/7 is not very nice especially as im getting nowhere with coventional medicines , i plan to start taking the cbd tablets next week and i will post again after a couple of weeks giving the tablets time to get in my system

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  • yes in uk

  • Are you in UK ?

  • Just been Googling it ; the CBD oil ooks very interesting, but expensive. Time the government got its act together and made it available on the NHS ; it's not as though it's the type which causes 'highs' and imagine all the good it could do for so many people !! x

  • You know me as a person who is interested in conspiracies and I started looking into cannabis or CBD a few years ago after I heard about a man called Rick Simpson.

    He had cancer himself once, a severe case of skin cancer apparently, I think. He cured his cancer using cannabis and he himself has cured over 5000 patients who had cancer... Apparently.

    I heard a little while ago that our government are talking anout using CBD for medicinal purposes only at the moment.

    Some states in America have even legalised cannabis now and they even have stores that sell cannabis to the public.

    Apparently, drug related crime has sunk and there are much more job vacancies in these states.

  • Hi

    Like you I am in pain most of the time, nerve damage and left sided weakness. Cat is right, it is about time government allowed cannabis in a controlled way available to help elevate pain for patients. I tried Gabepentin, but I became more drowsy and away with the fairies. I currently take Baclofen, which helped spasticity, but weakened my leg. I have liquid oramoph on a prn basis, which I use only if pain is very bad. Yes, please update us. I have heard of MS patients saying cannabis helps their pain.

  • It's a double edged sword Sem, anti spastic drugs can lower the muscle tone but accentuate underlying weakness. For some, the added stiffness, although painful, helps keep our legs firmer when walking. Yet again, after use and it has become muscle fatigued ( which happens quicker with increased tone ) my right leg loses push and goes down on me anyway and the tendons pull in left from having to work so hard against the stiffness ! I rely heavily on the stick to help support the leg muscles and help them not have to work quite so hard but my arm ends up wrecked ! Don't know if a leg brace would work for you ? Might be worth an ask. IF I ever get any sensible acknowledgement of my condition I will be exploring all these options. x

  • Yes, your right it is a double edge sword. I have decreased Baclofen to two a day instead of three.

    I have PM you xx

  • Hi fedup,

    I do remember your previous post about coming off the statins and I don't know if you saw my reply but I was saying that I was glad you came off the statins because they'll only do more harm than good.

    You and many others may not agree but I am a lot more into conspiracies now and don't listen to these so called "experts" such as doctors. I would not be surprised at all if shortening the dosage of gabapentin also helps you too.

    Where will you be getting the cannabis oil tablets from? I'm very interested.

    Why am I interested? I have done some research on Cannabis before and Cannabis is most probably the best natural medicine out there.

    Cannabis is illegal only because it is such a durable medicine.

    The reason it is made illegal is because it is so brilliant and completely free.

    That is if you believe conspiracy. You and noone else has to believe it but I advise people to go look into the Big Pharma conspiracy.

    See I don't believe what the government tell us. Even the word 'government' is dodgy. Govern = to control. Ment = mentality. Government = to control your mentality or mind control.

    The world is full of lies and is only getting worse.

    Hope the cannabis oil tablets work out for you :).

    Take care,


  • Hi Matt I bought mine on amazon from cdb brother

    Hope this helps

    Peter aka fedupspark

  • It does help Peter, thanks for that :).

    When I first started reading about cannabis and the greatness it brings, I did have a brief look on Amazon for any cannabis products and I did order myself some hemp oil. It was actually pictured as cannabis oil but actual product said "Hemp oil".

    According to what I have read, people seem to get mislead about cannabis and marijuana. Marijuana and hemp belong to the same family/genus of the cannabis plant. Marijuana (Weed) has psychoactive effects and is known for making one high when smoked.

    Hemp is non psychoactive and you would need to smoke a lot of hemp to get high. Hemp is very very durable and not only is it good for the health but it is also great at making many things such as paper, cement and many other things. You can make a house made of hemp!

    The "No duh" thing would be to legalise hemp immediately and this is where I would turn to conspiracies... governments don't want people to have access to hemp, marijuana, cannabis.

    Taje care, and let me know how you get on with the CBD :),


  • Very soon anyone selling cannabis-derived products in the UK that contain the active ingredient CBD, like cannabis oils, won't be able to legally without a licence from the MHRA as they'll be classed as medicines which means tighter regulation as to who can sell it. The only cannabis-derived medicine is "Sativex" sometimes prescribed for people with multiple sclerosis, so fat chance of getting that for any other conditions unless a doctor is willing to prescribe it for off-label (non-approved conditions) usage.

    If anything this is testament to the powerful effects of these products. The cynic in me makes me believe this is big-pharma imposing it's will and acting out of self-interest. But given they're unregulated, they could contain anything (this is nothing new, products classed as "supplements" e.g. ginkgo-biloba, aren't subject to the same strict standards as "medicines" in relation to the amount of ingredients in products, some supplements can have little-to-no active ingredients and contain more bulking agents that have no therapeutic value) so I guess the MHRA will say they're acting because of health/safety concerns, but what about the person who uses it to self-treat their pain or cancer, how will they cope without access if distributors are prevented from selling? In more positive news, they may only have to cross the Scottish border in future!

  • Please sign these petitions and share if you think it's wrong to impose a ban on CBD suppliers in the UK from selling. Many people with a variety of conditions from multiple sclerosis to cancer rely on CBD products, so their supply shouldn't be blocked.

    Sorry to hijack your thread! How is your treatment going?

  • Can canabis oil tablets be used for preventing as well as cure.

  • We're can I purchase the tablets

  • hi coope sorry for being late with my reply i am having tech issues at the moment

    i buy mine from a company called cbd brothers and have done for sometime now i have tried other suppliers but i find cbd brothes are good quality and they help with my pain relief

  • Can cannibis oil tablets help with Parkinson's ? I would appreciate any information I can get as my partner has taken a very downward spiral with his Parkinson's thank you

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