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hi i recently wtote a post on my foray in to the world of cbd i was pleasantly surprised by the support and replies i recieved wel i have now started taking my cbd by using a vap pen one of choice is the canavape pen the difference between taking the oil capsules and vaping cbd are quite different when i vape the cbd my stress level drop and also feel very relaxed and calm it might not work for everone but it works for me so i felt i ha to share my expeience as a reformed smoker it also helps with my nicotene cravings

take care everyone

peter aka fedupspark

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  • Hi

    can I ask which may sound daft, but I looked at your previous posts CBD, and a bit confused to how it benefits a person? You say you feel calmer and relaxed, but does is help with pain? I suffer with left sided weakness, spascitity my ability to walk / write etc. Can the CBD influence your fatigue levels? I struggle greatly with fatigue, which Ithink most BI people do, but I wondered if I took CBD would this make more sleepy and how cognitively does it affect you? Do you feel sharper, more focused on completing tasks taking CBD?

    Great to hear it is helping you!

  • It might seem vain but I've stopped using my CBD drops as they were starting to stain my bottom teeth brown (not a good look). I've had to use a whitener, as toothpaste had no effect. That's after only a week, so I didn't get a measure of whether it's beneficial to me or not,

    I knew capsules were available but I heard that the drops are more effective as they're more easily absorbed into the blood/brain.

    But the vape pen is new to me and I'm wondering whether it's refillable so I could use up my oil ? (A long-shot I guess !!) x

  • hi cat i will put some photographs on when i feel able to brain permitting i started on what is called a mod box a square box wit a spout on and a built in charger to vapourise your chosen liqud yesthey are refillable as with all things a lot of trial and error i tried cbd under the tongue but i could not get used to the taste but i believe barney uses it and has had good results may i suggest you try a white white or red label cbd brothers cbd i use the blue label mixed with vg in my mod box and it is still dark brown after mixing so i can imagine taking it neat under the tongue would stain your teeth i will post some photos om my mod box and kanavape pen tomorrow hope this helps

    regards peter

  • Thanks Peter ; whenever you're up to it. x

  • Just a thought though ; I gave up the ciggies 5 years ago & now truly, emotionally free, so hope this wouldn't set me off craving again ??

  • ther is no nicotene in any of the products i use so no risk of getting addicted again although i do enjoy a good vaping session in the kitchen with the fan on as when i use the mod box it produces huge amounts of vapour generated by the vg mixed in with the cbd

  • Thanks for that Peter. I suppose I've always believed we're just as addicted to the HABIT of the actions of smoking as the actual chemical 'hit', so concerned that it might rekindle those feelings !

    I'm going to do more research this time before forking out any more money. I don't actually mind the weird taste as it's easily remedied by tiny spearmint drops from Aldi ! But the staining is a problem.

    Look forward to the photos later. Cat x

  • hi cat im on the night shift tonight films to watch on netflix lol i will try and put a photo of my gadgets on i do honestly swear by my cbd capsules an vape my gp is pleased i have found an alternative medicine ,having said that he is new to our local practice and considerably younger than all the other doctors and seem genuinely open minded which i appreciate

  • Yes I've found a new GP too and hope to get an appointment soon (takes anything up to 3 weeks). Need to ask about compatibility with other prescription meds. Thanks for all your help with this Peter ; really appreciated !! x

  • hi cat thats what i like about our forum always some one there to liase with

    take care


  • :-/ X

  • You couldn't have an ordinary vape holder one - you would have to find a glamorous one like this cinnamonspring.com/tag/diy-...


  • Oh DaHling ...............that's soooo me !! xx

  • :-) :-)

  • I've not experienced any staining of my teeth taking CBD oil daily, but then again I use a good toothbrush! :)

    The major benefit of taking CBD for me is it helps to relax and calm you, since I take it before bed too it improves my sleep quality.

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