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Hi, hubby had bike accident 18 months ago, nearly lost him 3 times along our journey, we have met some amazing people along the way all going through different things and I still think how lucky are we, he is out of being locked in, had some amazing therapy and is doing great, BUT it doesn't take away the numbness I constantly feel, we are lucky we have lots of laughs to get us through and the one thing I learnt through all of this is believe your gut instinct, twitches can become independent movement however small, you just have to believe in yourself and your strength and it will bring you all through. Good luck to you all on your personal journey you will get there, baby steps- Oh how I hated that phrase in the early days but so true!! xx

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I think the numbness is the reaction to all the dreadful emotions you have been through in the last 18 months. All the concentration goes on the injured person and the families get virtually no help at all. Whilst that is right, once all the danger is over the reactions set in. I don't know how you feel about counselling but it is very useful sometimes to meet up with a counsellor just to talk over everything you have been through and to put everything straight in your mind. You have been through a trauma too.


Thank you.


That's really good to read as my partner has had a bike accident 6 weeks ago and that was an emotional roller coaster in critical care. He is now in high dependency and doing well. Although, yes, its "early days" and thats the words I hear. Reading other people's journey's, is an inspiration and gives me hope and helps me keep positive for the long journey ahead. Yes I go home and cry at times, but I look back at what he has achieved so far, after the medical team said he wouldn't do anything, and I smile :-)


Hi keep positive, I won't lie it is an incredibly emotional, fatiguing and stressful time and there will be tears but look at both of your achievements and keep strong. There is nothing you can't do you just learn to do it in another way. Laughter is good and seeing the funny side, hubby has brain stem injury too so we do laugh with him when things aren't quite right but he manages to always get us back! He has a better memory than me!!! Wishing you both all the best for your continued recovery.

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Thank you :-)


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