Walk the journey........SAH, aneurysm survivors walk back to hospital. Wish us well!!

Meet the Walk the Journey Team - Trevor had his aneurysm 3 years ago, Alice had hers 2 years ago and Linda had her aneurysm 18mths ago. We were all in our forties when we were rushed to hospital with SAH's. The journey back to health has been hard, with lots of different issues to deal with and the journey still continues. But we are here because of the NHS and Addenbrooke's hospital Cambridge. We dediced to get together and Walk the Journey orginally taken by ambulance from Great Yarmouth to Addenbrooke's. A journey of 110 miles. We are due to start on Friday 21st June and finish that journey 24th June. We have used walking as a way of improving our well being, using the times when we walk to talk about aneurysms and how we are dealing with things: walking has become our medicine.

We are lucky to have many other people helping us on a fundraising walk at various stages on our way to Addenbrooke's and we have to thank Headway for this forum. Alice and Linda meet each other through this site. Please send us your best wishes and thoughts to support us on our journey.


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  • Sincere best wishes to Alice, and all taking part. Hope you get lots more support for your brilliant cause.

    Hope the weather is kind to you. cat x :-)

  • Thank you for your support. I think we have walked in every weather whilst training for the 'BIG' walk! :)

  • I wish you all the very best I too had SAH last September still recovering. again thanks to Addenbrookes I survived xx

  • Linda and I both spent time in Neuro Critical Care Unit. We are fundraising for this unit in particular. Good luck on your journey too xx

  • Brilliant challenge. Best of luck.

  • Thank you Crocus for your support. xx

  • Absolutely brilliant. I hope my husband Steve will be in a position to do something like that when he is further down the line. His was in October last year, and we know we still have a long journey ahead of us. Good luck, and very best wishes. x

  • Thank you Molly. I am sure Steve will, still early days for Steve in his journey. Looking foward to when I can return the wishes & support for him/you too. :)

  • Best of luck to you all on your nordic walk and I hope you raise alot of money.

  • Thank you. Can quite believe personally I have come this far. Real sense of achievement to be where I am now!

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