We did it! Linda (Jigsaw), Trevor and I walked 165km back to Addenbrooke's

We did it! Linda (Jigsaw), Trevor and I walked 165km back to Addenbrooke's

Just to give you an update - Linda, Trevor and I completed our 'Walk the Journey' challenge and walked 165km back to Addenbrooke's hospital in order to raise funds for the Neuro Critical Care Unit. We were all treated in this unit when we had our SAH from a ruptured aneurysm. We walked the journey over 4 days and had the most amazing support from Linda's daughter Leanne, Charles Allen (exercise referral specialist) and Sheba (local artist and photographer) who all walk the entire journey with us. We also had incredible support from our respective partners, Martin, Michelle & Andrew who have been with us through our recovery and without whom we wouldn't have been able to walk the journey. Currently we have raised over £9,000 for Addenbrooke's.

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  • Amazing achievement xx

  • oh wow, fantastic effort and something i could only dream of doing. Well done to everyone involved x

  • Congratulations to every one of you. I bet the camaraderie was brilliant & I hope you are really

    proud of your achievement in raising funds for a cause so close to all our hearts.

    Well done ! xx

  • What a great achievement, my good wishes to you for a job well done :)

  • Well done to all involved, congratulations x

  • Wow, truly amazing. We are only 8 months in to all of this, and this gives me so much encouragement that great things can still happen if we keep trying!

    Many congratulations x

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